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  1. Olimac21

    Mental Challenges Around The World?

    This morning I got a question from a friend asking me about "mental challenges" activities. Not like self imposed challenges (like taking a cold shower or meditating) but something that involves a group. The only thing that came to mind was to suggest a Vipassana retreat, any other ideas?
  2. Olimac21

    Reading Habits, suggestions?

    So I was wondering what are your reading habits? In the past I absorbed as much information as possible from books, but now I am becoming selective and even want to have a restriction of maximum books I should read during the year, focusing on application of whatever I am reading and thinking...
  3. Olimac21

    10 days Vipassana Meditation

    Has anyone of this forum tried a 10 days Vipassana meditation retreat? I am thinking about doing one in November this year and I have heard it can be very beneficial for creative/lateral thinking. Here is a testimonial of the experience: My Exhausting meditation retreat
  4. Olimac21

    Number 1 challenge as an expat

    Hello everyone, For those of us who live abroad, what has been the number 1 challenge/obstacle to get exactly what you want abroad? I will start with my own answer, for me is about building meaningful/long term relationships with locals. Since they already have their friends and family it is...
  5. Olimac21

    Practicing sales without being in sales

    I was having this discussion with a friend on how to practice sales/influence skills without necesarily working for the area. We got to the conclusion that this can work in seduction, when negotiating stuff in real life and learning how to act better in some situations (i.e role playing) but I...
  6. Olimac21

    Making Money Online with Gambling

    I am very curious to see if someone in the forum has experience making money with betting or playing poker online. By coincidence today I found a course on tennis trade and although I do not plan to do this full time or imagine this will turn me into a millonaire, I have heard stories of people...
  7. Olimac21

    Starting a Business Abroad

    One of my big excuses for not starting a business is I have been living abroad for a long time moving in different countries (not really a nomad though, just different circumstances) and I havent got the time to really establish, get to know local cultures and have strong collaborators to start...
  8. Olimac21

    Non Pay MBA

    Hey everyone I just recently discovered a blog called Non Pay MBA and I was just wondering if anyone has experienced on doing what the author does, which is trying to get a curriculum of non expensive/ free educational resources and packaged it based on your needs or problem just in front of...
  9. Olimac21

    Italki Tips (And Language Teaching in General)

    Hi everyone, I posted some time ago about language learning tips and now I decided to take a step further to become a language teacher myself on a part-time based (apart from my full time job which is draining my energy at the moment). My "why's" behind this is I really enjoy teaching...
  10. Olimac21

    Managing Sucessful Relationships

    I was wondering how do you manage key relationships in your life? (i.e friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, family) I tend to be more to the "giver" in a relationship however that puts me on a needy side of things and I absolutely hate that. Lately I decided not to give attention to relationships...
  11. Olimac21

    Language Learning Strategies

    I am learning Portuguese these days and using two popular apps: Duolingo and Memrise+essential grammar book and speaking/writing/listening native speakers. Since we have a group of very smart international people here I was wondering if you have other strategies/tactics to learn a language in...
  12. Olimac21

    Developing soft skills

    One type skills which can be hard to define or measure are soft skils like public speaking, the ability to lead a group, how you manage power dynamics,effective communication (writing, speaking and listening), boldness, strategic thinking and many more. How has been your approach with these? Do...
  13. Olimac21

    Best books/videos on brain studies-neuroscience

    Do not want to get over intellectual here :D I have interest in neuroscience because in these times where is easy to get distracted and focus on the wrong stuff, a good mind can foster great outcomes and overall satisfaction. Have you read anything related to this topic that has been...
  14. Olimac21


    I have the opportunity to live in Philadelphia for at least a year because of a job opportunity. Is it a good place to live for a young person? Any comments on positive/negative sides?
  15. Olimac21

    Getting in the "zone" or "flow"

    How do you normally get focused to do difficult or long hours of work? Do you have any routines or mind games you use to improve performance? I always go for a run before I need to do focused work, it helps me concentrate afterwards. A very good night sleep is also essential.
  16. Olimac21

    Using LinkedIn for product/service promotion

    I was wondering what is your experience using LinkedIn for finding new customers/ business development. I know this platform is more popular in some countries than another and I am curious to see success/failure cases around this one since is not as massive as Facebook or Instagram but pretty...
  17. Olimac21

    Listening to customers and analyzing competitors

    I was wondering which are the best ways to listen to customers whether is in on a pre stage (before launching a product) and after the product has been launched. Which methods do you normally use? Focus groups-surveys? and how do you maintain consistency/high levels of customer engagement? I...
  18. Olimac21

    Authors that inspired you or Fast Lane authors

    Hey I was wondering in terms of books, movies or articles which authors have inspired you for your entrepreneurial path or at least to think: I should do things better or differently than others. In my case a really good one is Robert Greene from "The 48 Laws of Power"-"Mastery", I also like...
  19. Olimac21

    What to "Unlearn"?

    Nowadays is encouraged to have a mindset of continious improvement or learning however I considered as important to unlearn many of knowledge/beliefs that do not make us any favour reaching further goals. What would you say that are 3 things to unlearn inmediately? For me these are: 1...
  20. Olimac21

    Entrepreneurship clubs in London

    I was wondering if any of the forum participants here from London have any suggestions of good entrepreneurial meetings around the city, preferably during weekend since my current job is absorbing all my time :D If there is a desire of organizing an informal group to share ideas and best...

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