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  1. Edgar King

    Dummy Guide To VALUE: Craft Million Dollar Offers And Great Relationships (Alex Hormozi: The 100 Million Dollar Man)

    Above All Else… Provide Relative Value. Relative To The Market. Value is helping me move me from point A (Inferno), to point B (Heaven) which I care to be at (Desired Outcome). Introduction And Thanks (You Can Skip This) I wish to start by saying, Hello! My name's Edgar and I'm an avid scribe...
  2. Edgar King

    Ecommerce Vs Agency Vs Freelancing As A Beginner

    Konichiwa! I've never done a proper intro before so here goes... When I was 16, I was introduced to the concept of financial freedom by Hector Quintalla and my friend, the drop shipper. With that initial spark, I went on to read many financial books and stumbled upon the Millionaire Fastlane...
  3. Edgar King

    How You Can Step Into Others Shoes

    How You Can Step Into Others Shoes (At least the way I use) This is for those who are having a really hard time just trying to start to care for others. When I started out way long before the forum I was just focused on making loads of money, and obviously this reflected in my motivation and...
  4. Edgar King

    Should I Launch This Ecommerce Store?

    Hey everyone! I have an idea for an Ecommerce store. I love cereal. If a couple of aliens were to arrive on Earth to take 10% of the people who love cereal, I'd probably be sucked right up. From Lucky charms, to Frosties, to honey loops, to Reese Puffs I love them all. Except oatmeal XD. I...
  5. Edgar King

    You Don't Need 100% Certainty To Do It

    Hey guys! I've recently started on the entrepreneurship route to never have to need to wear a suite and tie again, because I find them itchy by providing value and making the world a better place. But in doing so, I've come across many of my weaknesses and grown along the journey. I'm writing...
  6. Edgar King

    How Many People Should Be Asked In An Industry For Their Problems?

    Hello! Right now I'm using a hybrid of ICK's approach to build a Productorcracy or even start something backed by research and I have a question about finding problems. Here is the thread of my journey so far with the written plan- INTRO - Attempting to Build A Productocracy [Niche > Problem >...
  7. Edgar King

    What Do Gold And Notable Threads Mean

    I know I might sound like a total Newb on this, but I was curious and happily don't mind asking dumb questions. I've also searched the forum and couldn't find a page on it. What do the Gold and notable threads mean? Perhaps I also did not check a certain page, if so please let me know. Thanks in...
  8. Edgar King

    Need Help- Should I Sell My Software?

    Sell Or Shell Hey guys! So I just finished year 1 of computer science and learned some neat tricks like building a website using python, flask, html and css. After which, I began interning at a startup edtech company through school networks as a market researcher. My job was to find leads and...
  9. Edgar King

    Attempting to Build A Productocracy [Niche > Problem > Pre-sell > Solution]

    Hey guys! I've been on this forum for ages, but was just silently absorbing the valuable information you all provide and enhancing my mindset to start my entrepreneurial journey. I've learnt to just love everyone from the bottom of my heart which motivates me to desire to solve problems from the...

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