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  1. CareCPA

    What Is the Online Equivalent of a "Boring But Stable" Offline Business?

    And in the short term, hire some cheap VAs to scrape the existing job boards for relevant jobs, and repost them on to yours. What business is going to complain that their job opening ended up on an additional site?
  2. CareCPA

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Generally there is a "safe" way and a "cheap" way to look at this. Happy to chat for a couple minutes if you want
  3. CareCPA

    Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Looks like you're researching international tax jurisdictions which have an income tax treaty? Welcome to my world, no wonder I'm always grumpy...
  4. CareCPA

    The StartEngine Investment... Another 0% Free Loan Scam?

    Thank you for taking me down the rabbit hole of this stock offering - once I pick them up I just can't put them down. This is why I don't understand the current state of raising capital. I'm not good at seeing the "vision" - I like to see the numbers. Revenue for 2020 and 2019: $12.5 million...
  5. CareCPA

    Fastlane Summit 2022?

    I'm not really enjoying the imagery of that first sentence... How do both of you fit on a surfboard with your balls frozen together?
  6. CareCPA

    Legal/asset protection/tax roadmap

    I'm a bit late to the party here, but thanks for tagging me. I can certainly speak to US taxes, but reading between the lines there are some other items that might be higher priority (privacy, protection, etc). Sounds like this might be a bit more in @GlobalWealth's wheelhouse.
  7. CareCPA

    Looking for Mixed Use Commercial Hard Money Lending help

    When I bought my first rentals, I just went from bank to bank until someone said yes. No one wants to lend to businesses without 2 years of business history, except I did finally find a small local bank who would. Keep going until you run out of phone numbers to call and offices to walk into.
  8. CareCPA

    Challenge: 10,000$ revenue in 3 months with web design from zero

    Ah, I read more into it than you said, based on my experiences. I've gotten a bunch of emails that have said "I made a video detailing what you can improve on your site - let me know if you want me to send it to you." This is an obvious lie, and they're only going to make the video if I...
  9. CareCPA

    Challenge: 10,000$ revenue in 3 months with web design from zero

    Any time I get a message from someone saying they've created a video of my site, and then they don't include the video, I automatically know they're lying. And if they're willing to lead off a cold contact to me with a lie, then that's not someone I'm going to do business with. PS: no one has...
  10. CareCPA

    Death Planning - Your Best Practices

    I have strongly considered offering a service for small businesses that relates to this. Everyone knows they need to have a will/trust in place to determine who gets the assets, as well as have named beneficiaries on any of the relevant accounts. I don't have anything to add to this process...
  11. CareCPA

    Buy Home With Cash VS Getting A Mortgage (for well off, self-made 34 year old)

    Move your funds to Interactive Brokers (if they aren't already there), and take advantage of their awesome margin rates. Borrowing $650k on $3.3 million is less than 20% leverage. If it gets called, we have much larger...
  12. CareCPA

    Cryptocurrency GPU mining

    Are you essentially just grabbing these off of FB Marketplace/Craigslist/etc? Or are you actually finding stores that have GPUs in stock? Just curious on the ability to replicate this in an area with low population.
  13. CareCPA

    LLC and Corp Formation and Registered Agent Service in all 50 States, Virtual Mailbox, Remote Online Notary Services

    This is a pretty cool service. We've had trouble finding good virtual mailboxes, so that is what intrigues me the most. We currently use one of the "popular services" and the total fees always surprise me. Plus, their answer for everything is "we can file the paperwork, but are not lawyers so we...
  14. CareCPA

    MoneyDoc - eCommerce Progress Thread ($2m offer?)

    I know this isn't funny to you in the moment, but I think you'll look back at this in amusement some day. Just the sheer amount of time spent sending the same document back and forth is pretty ridiculous.
  15. CareCPA

    MoneyDoc - eCommerce Progress Thread ($2m offer?)

    I don't know if I said this earlier, but congrats on the offer and sale! It sounds like you've learned an important lesson about having a good lawyer on your side through the acquisition process (this goes for both sides). I would also gently suggest you try not to get too stressed out at...
  16. CareCPA

    The F.I.R.E. mindset at work

    I know quite a few people in the FIRE community, and I think "retire" is a bit of a misnomer. Maybe some people literally sit around and do nothing for the next 60 years (I didn't read the article, so I can't comment on this particular couple). However, most of the people that I talk to treat...
  17. CareCPA

    Greetings from a Colorado Taxman

    Welcome to the forum - nice to have another accountant on board. Hope you survive the next three weeks! Let me know if you ever want a sounding board.
  18. CareCPA

    If you have between $2-12M and die before 2026, your spouse should know this

    Candidly, I'm hoping if someone's estate is worth millions, they have already consulted with a professional (lawyer, accountant, etc) ;) However, that does not discount the fact that this is excellent information. It's also an excellent reminder that tax laws are not permanent. Not only can...
  19. CareCPA

    Hyperinflation starting? What's happening in your area? Post your ground reports.

    This is why I've adjusted my home projects for this year. I can still get rough cut lumber pretty cheap in my area (all logged and milled within a couple miles of my house). But anything that requires "hardware store" lumber is waiting until next year. I don't have the economics background...
  20. CareCPA

    Serious glitches in filing all US taxes this year!

    Per Tax Day for individuals extended to May 17: Treasury, IRS extend filing and payment deadline | Internal Revenue Service "Individual taxpayers can also postpone federal income tax payments for the 2020 tax year due on April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021, without penalties and interest...