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  1. Edwin Fernandez

    [Progress] Watch me escape the 9-5 grind, and free myself from indentured time

    I have been wanting to start a Progress thread for a while. MJ's recent post lit a fire under me. MY CURRENT SITUATION: -Full time employee(ugh) working as a SW developer for 6 years now. -Family man with small kids (very little time to work on escaping the 9-5 grind, 1-2 hours night + several...
  2. Edwin Fernandez

    Shun the Non-Believer

    I have been listening to Unscripted by @MJ DeMarco on audible everyday trying to burn its message into my head, I recently referred it to one of my good friends. He is a "successful" slow-lane guy; but he is the know-it-all, nay-sayer, contrarian type that loves to suffocate dreams and throws...
  3. Edwin Fernandez

    Fighting for my freedom

    Hello everyone, I am very thankful this forum exists. After reading Fast Lane I came here to find like minded people; people who understand when I say I would rather die than work my 9-5 cubicle(jail cell) the rest of my life. The pain of limited freedom, like not being able to spend time with...