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  1. Mike Partee

    OFF-TOPIC Has Learning a Second Language Helped your Business?

    See Title. Not "Is Learning a Second One Worth It" as that depends on what you want to accomplish IMO. This is just a general curiosity across the forum -- Has your second language helped in ways you didn't expect? I'm practicing Spanish heavily as I live in a LATAM country, but don't use it...
  2. Mike Partee

    HEALTH Angry? Irritable? Anxious? Depressed? You're Probably Magnesium Deficient

    Over 80% of Americans are Mag deficient: 80% of Americans Are Deficient in This Mineral That Controls Sugar Cravings | Eat This Not That Deficiency is especially true for heavy coffee drinkers, as it affects Mag absorption (or so it seems)...
  3. Mike Partee

    Build a Product You Would Buy

    Little post for the noobs out there. If you're lacking ideas, here's a good way to get the mind going. Chances are there's certain problems you'd pay good money to fix. Better yet, if you KNOW how to fix it AND you've solved the problem before in the past, you can offer this solution to...
  4. Mike Partee

    RANT STOP Doing What Works!

    The "Tried-and-True" is harder than the Wild West, and I’ll prove it. We live in a world that’s obsessed with pushing everyone through a narrow, “proven” path. Even in business, mass consensuses exist within business communities, often called “best practices” that keep organizations stuck in a...
  5. Mike Partee

    RANT WTF is going on in America? Ray Dalio may have The Answer.

    Needless to say, 2020 has been a hell of a year. It's also left me asking a lot of questions about where things could be heading, and what history hints to (as it so happens, history repeats itself...) Watched this yesterday and couldn't help but to share. View...
  6. Mike Partee

    MARKETPLACE DealHunters: Looking to Buy a Business? We'll Help Find your Next Dream Acquisition!

    LOOKING TO ACQUIRE OUTSTANDING ONLINE BUSINESSES? Welcome to DealHunters, a paid newsletter where we hunt down and send you high-quality, pre-vetted deal reports weekly. *What is DealHunters?* If you’re new to Buying Businesses, you’ll find that Deal Sourcing comes with many challenges: — Scams...
  7. Mike Partee

    INVESTING HOT! USD Currency Collapse – Possible?

    It's 2020... – The Federal Reserve is set to borrow a record $3 Trillion in this Quarter alone. – The FED has also printed and thrown trillions of dollars at the COVID problem. The USD has been fiat since 1971 when the FED took it off the gold standard. The dollar is backed...
  8. Mike Partee

    MEETUPS PUERTO RICO (San Juan) — Fastlane Meetup

    After the 2020 Fastlane Summit, many people expressed interest in visiting Puerto Rico; Whether for Vacation, the current tax incentives attractive to US Citizens, or both. Myself, @Tom.V, @RayAndré, and @Misslopez call this place home and are here full-time, and would be thrilled for those...
  9. Mike Partee

    EXECUTION NOTABLE! 22 Years Old: First Exit & Mini-Retirement. Lessons from a 5+ Year Journey

    Title says it all — I have exited my first business and am in mini-retirement. I say “Mini-Retirement” as this won’t make me filthy rich, but it HAS provided me substantial financial breathing room for the next best opportunity. Admittedly, I was a poor fit for that business. Thankfully not all...
  10. Mike Partee

    "Biz for Sale" Bird this a thing?

    A little bit of background: I've just sold my first business after running it for 2 years. Not "FU" money yet, but it's some good padding to think about the next opportunity. One thing I'll say is I've learned a LOT through this process, and after selling immediately began looking into...
  11. Mike Partee

    What Business Model is Right for You?

    How often do you see someone "fall into" an entrepreneurial path, without careful consideration whether their path was right for that person? Inspired by this insider's thread by @MTF, and as I approach my own first exit, I've thought a lot about Business Models. There's a lot I didn't know two...
  12. Mike Partee

    EXECUTION 2018: A Year In Review (How Was Yours?)

    With 2018 in the twilight, It's that time to reflect over the past year's progress and plan the next. What things went well? What are the biggest lessons learned? What would have you done differently? Knowing that, what could you improve on moving forward? With 2019... What did you learn...
  13. Mike Partee

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Turkey Day!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all USA-based Fastlaners here :) Now get tf off the forum and enjoy it!
  14. Mike Partee

    PEOPLE Interview Questions to Hire for Character

    As the old adage goes... "You can Train for Skill, but you can't Train for Character." Disclaimer: I've only hired 5-6 different freelancers over the past year. However, the quality of the Freelancers dramatically improved after utilizing these interview questions. In fact, every hire that...
  15. Mike Partee

    EXECUTION Unreal's Podcast Progress

    I'm a bit nervous to post. But here goes. As some of you know -- My niche is in Audio Production for Podcasts. But... I'm doing my Customers a disservice by NOT hosting my own show, and formalizing some discussions I've had in person with peers that has helped them. Also doing this as...
  16. Mike Partee

    PEOPLE Embellishing Stories for the Sake of Simplicity

    Probably sweating this too much, but... In light of recent 'Guru Witch-Hunt' threads on the Forum, it got me thinking about my own presentation to others; namely involving stories told. I'm fairly guilty of Embellishing Stories - not necessarily for ill intent, but for the Sake of Simplicity...
  17. Mike Partee

    NOTABLE! The Definite Guide to Productized Services

    In the spirit of @LightHouse 's challenge during the summit to reach NOTABLE or GOLD on at least one thread this year (2018), I want to introduce this thread. Also, special thanks to @Andy Black for posting so much about Productized Services and exposing me to the concept in general. A bit of...
  18. Mike Partee

    MINDSET Business will NOT fix all your problems

    Got to chat with someone today. Good kid about my age who's starting off in online business. He's in a position I'm sure we've all been at some point. Reading all the blogs, soaking in ridiculous amounts of bro-marketer content, all peddeling the same b.s. ebooks and courses. Naturally, I...
  19. Mike Partee

    MINDSET RANT Comparing Work Hours to Other People

    "Comparison is the thief of joy" -Theodore Roosevelt This quote rings true in several areas of my life, but I'm getting hung up in one specific case, and could really use some help by the members on here. This is Comparing work hours to other people. Why? As a background, I have never held a...
  20. Mike Partee

    MARKETPLACE Does Your Podcast Suck? I Will Revamp It In 24 Hours, Guaranteed

    Hey Fastlaners! UnrealCreative here. As a quick background, I'm an Audio Engineer focused on Podcast Production & Editing. Some of you know me from the Craigslist Thread or my Progress Thread documenting this business... If you host a Growing Podcast and want to: • Get More Time to Create...
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