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  1. Hadrian

    MEETUPS App Developer Networking Group

    Greetings Fastlaners! Indie App dev from Ireland here... I see more and more threads asking about apps so I though I'd create a shared space for us to chat and bounce ideas around. I'll try to get some established professional software dev's to give their input as well. I hope it will provide...
  2. Hadrian

    MJ's Unscripted Entrepreneurial Network Query!

    Fáilte Fastlaners, I just sent the required text from Ireland. Anyone know if its a US based only service? :peace:
  3. Hadrian

    MARKETING 7 days and $750 Dollars to Market my Product. Where do I start?

    Hello Fastlaners... Just hoping to garner a little advice as I have 7 days and $750 dollars ad spend to begin marketing my Meditation app. Where would you start if you wanted to do a 7 day marketing launch but you're starting from Zero with no social media accounts, just a website. FB ads...
  4. Hadrian

    Indie Game Demo - Feedback Needed

    Hi Fastlaners, Hoping for a little feedback on my reworking of an 80's Classic... Our first Unity based Indie Game is scheduled for a Christmas release. If successful I hope it will spawn a range of sequels. We've a two level demo available on iOS and Android. It's pure 80's retro so if...
  5. Hadrian

    Facebook Accelerator: Commerce (10 days left to apply.)

    Might be useful for some of you... Facebook Accelerator Commerce is a 12-week non-equity program supporting innovative commerce startups who renew shopping experiences for buyers and sellers.
  6. Hadrian

    INTRO Banshee Tales!

    Hi Fastlaners... Hadrian here founder of Banshee Apps, a small indie App company based in Dublin Ireland. So here it is my introduction and it's no easy tale. To start I would like to personally testify right now as to Page 281 of Unscripted: "Satisfying the Commandment of Time takes months...
  7. Hadrian

    MEETUPS Ireland Calling!

    Aloha Fastlaners... Anyone from Ireland in here? I'm based in Dublin! Kind Regards, Hadrian
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