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    Deep seated fear of self progress because I feel like I’m marked.

    This post was written in less than 5 hours, because I just want to get it all out. I will add & edit this initial post as long as I can. I am writing this on a iPhone with intermittent touch input. I posted under People and Relationships because this is about my relationship with the world, and...
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    BOOKS Second Edition of Unscripted, what would you improve?

    What would you like to see in a second edition of Unscripted? Clarifications, expanding on topics, additions, corrections? What would you explain better for new readers who are just discovering the truth of the script? Here are some things I would improve on: -Guide for teenagers in high...
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    BOOKS Was TMF ever sold on Audio CD?

    A couple years ago I was browsing eBay and saw listings of TMF being sold on audio CD. Were CD audiobooks published by Viperion or did I see bootlegs? Was TMF ever sold on CD, before the exclusivity deal with Audible?
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    Words for Recovering Sidewalkers

    I have to say, I am currently a recovering sidewalker. I stacked up expensive parasitic consumer debt thinking I'd pay it off when I got my hustle rolling, while sneering at the slowlaners wasting time for $2 an hour. While I am not going to become an inconveinent saver, because I think bigger...
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    Exchangium - HOLY SHIT (Company Study and Inspiration)

    I just saw an ad for Exchangium, a (I'll just leave it to their About Us page) This is how even bigger wealth is created, serving the backend and facilitating connections inside of a disparate, fragmented, unsexy industry. Exchangium is doing this for the electricity industry. Instead of...
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    Looking for a thread (“building my oceangoing sailboat)

    I am looking for a thread where a user wrote about his B2B SaaS Fastlane plan to earn his ocean going sailboat / vessel capable of sailing to Antarctica and back. He explained eloquently to achieve this that he was going to pursue a very potent Fastlane, and that out of all the software /...
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    “Being rich is immoral” and other anti-wealth / anti-capitalist beliefs The writer behind this has yet to see the truth that we know. Her argument centers around the “I’m poor because you’re rich” fixed wealth fallacy. She sees that massive wealth is created because of producing massive...
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    INVESTING Domain Speculating an Intelligent Risk? (As part of a money system)

    Overlooked Money System idea, is buying cheap to carry domain names an intelligent risk? And by Intelligent, you have a strategy like: You buy & hold domain names that aren't taken - a few four/five letter dotcoms, some .coms with african words & south asian words for common things (you...
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    Capitalizing on Your Physiology (No, Not That)

    When people think capitilizing on your physiology, they think selling organs, plasma, clinical trials, medical research. There are perhaps dozens of other niches that need an aspect of your physiology and will pay hundreds and thousands when they find it. Niches and roles that are hidden...
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    OFF-TOPIC Fastlane dating board

    A lot of Fastlaners are single and want their love to be a headwind not a tailwind. With a Fastlane dating board inside or outside, Fastlaners can post personals from a template like we have for an INE. Fastlaners have a platform to pursue love with Fastlaners. I would have posted this as an...
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    BOOKS Sidewalk Etymology

    I am curious, MJ. What is the etymology behind the term “sidewalk”? How did you come about the term and which experiences helped you solidify it? If you prefer not to say, let us know.
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    OFF-TOPIC Sidewalking: Share Your Story

    What sidewalking have you witnessed? Know any sidewalkers? Were you a sidewalker? Are you Fastlane minded and trying to get off the sidewalk? Have your years of sidewalk living feel like a past lifetime? Sidewalking: Fastlaner Edition
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    MINDSET F*ck This Process?

    Is there such thing as an F This Process without culminating in a F This Event? Considering the right process is the foundation of the desired events, Can you nudge yourself with an F This Process and gradually gain the same result as having an FTE? I’ve read both TMF & Unscripted, and the FT...
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    INTRO After 2 years of lurking The Fastlane Forum I’m ready to make my introduction post.

    Hellow. After 2 years of lurking The Fastlane Forum I’m ready to make my introduction post. As a teen I was dreamprenuriarl, talking up "venture of the month" like an aunt of mine. I was event oriented and thinking of easy money. I had tons of ideas and no execution. I dreamed about starting...
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