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  1. Duane

    What an Unscripted life has done for me

    I seen such a motivational post by @G_Alexander and wanted to post my own little story. I'm by no means at the point of just buying a lambo straight up in cash and not batting an eye, but that's not necessarily what an unscripted life is to me. Unscription to me, is being able to easily pay...
  2. Duane

    Have an Idea, opinions?

    After reading the book, I came back on something that I created to fit my own need. IKEA sold a table designed to go completely over beds, custom fit to match IKEA's beds. The problem was people wanted to buy the table for their own beds at home, but these tables were fit to only IKEA's small...
  3. Duane

    INTRO Finding The Vision..

    Long post, but you will understand my story after reading. I hope you enjoy and learn from this like I have. Hey everyone, names Duane Medley. I'm 21, reside in Lakeland, FL. I'm from Charleston, SC, but I moved down to Lakeland to go to college four years ago. The first year I didn't go to...
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