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  1. JamesQB8

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    What's happening guys I'm trying to call the blockchain to get my money back
  2. JamesQB8

    NOTABLE! CHAT What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    My friend just recommended Alex Hormozi to me and I'm listening to 100M on audible now. Seems very good.
  3. JamesQB8

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Make an account with Kucoin. You can either directly deposit fiat or send a crypto stablecoin like USDT. You would have to trade your fiat to USDT or use USDT directly to trade with the below pair. Then go to the Lyxe/usdt trading pair here...
  4. JamesQB8

    HOT! MINDSET The Ultimate Checklist: A 99% Mindset VS a 1% Mindset

    @MJ DeMarco I'm not sure if you're already aware but your new book The great rat race escape is not currently on I'm not sure if there's anything you can or need to do but just wanted to let you know incase it could help it get more exposure.
  5. JamesQB8

    OFF-TOPIC Phuket Meetup

    Any fastlaners in Phuket? Would be cool to meet up. I arrived a few days ago and I'm staying with a friend in Rawai. Looks like I'll be out here for a few months
  6. JamesQB8

    MEETUPS Fastlane Summit 2022?

    When and where in Mexico please if there is an opportunity to bring myself
  7. JamesQB8

    INTRO My goal: To retire early so I can pursue my passions and travel the world

    This is where you get to read and write
  8. JamesQB8

    MEETUPS Fastlane Summit 2022?

    I'd be in either way boss
  9. JamesQB8

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Very good book. A lot of friends have recommended the Fourth Turning to me, it's next on my reading list.
  10. JamesQB8

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    How are you feeling about Dot? I've been averaging in for the past couple weeks in anticipation of the parachain auctions Nov 11th
  11. JamesQB8

    OFF-TOPIC Winter golf in Europe?

    Sun, Great hikes and landscape. Beach wouldn't go a miss. Thank you I'll check out Maderia
  12. JamesQB8

    OFF-TOPIC Winter golf in Europe?

    That sounds great thank you. I may come over there myself. But with my dad I'm looking for something within a few hours of the UK
  13. JamesQB8

    OFF-TOPIC Winter golf in Europe?

    Want to take my dad on a golf trip. Maybe something longer term. Any recommendations of good areas with golf courses please? Maybe the algarve or Southern Spain? Something non touristy in Spain would be amazing as we both speak Spanish. Thank you
  14. JamesQB8

    OFF-TOPIC Has Learning a Second Language Helped your Business?

    Full immersion. Move to a Spanish Speaking country, study at a Spanish school and speak minimal English. It'll be uncomfortable at times but you'll learn very quickly and have some fun along the way
  15. JamesQB8

    HEALTH Natural remedies against acne?

    Lot of good advice in here. Definitely supplement Vitamin D but ideally get it from the sun if you can. Remove all Dairy, Gluten and wheat from your diet. Eat a lot of Vitamin A+E and Beta Carotene - Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, sunflower seeds
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