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  1. Blue Lion

    PUBLISHING Hiring an ebook writer

    I'm in the middle of creating a non-fiction ebook about a topic where I can add value to readers. I have structured the contents of the book and have broken each chapter down into as much detail as possible about what I want included. The ebook will have a minimum of 50 pages and have 9...
  2. Blue Lion


    Well, not exactly fired, but made redundant… is that the same thing? Anyway, the good news is I just have to work a month’s notice and I will be finally out of this job. I have been thinking about quitting for several months now, but couldn’t “pull the trigger” for a number of different...
  3. Blue Lion

    Are you working in the SLOWLANE specifically to gain FASTLANE skills?

    Jobs are slowlane, we all know that. However, some jobs CAN be really beneficial to give you the necessary experience/contacts/industry knowledge to start a fastlane business of your own. For me, personally, after working in Finance for a couple of years, I am now trying to improve my skill-set...
  4. Blue Lion

    Advice from Asia's richest man

    I thought I'd share with you an interesting interview with Asia's richest man - Li Ka-shing, who has a net worth of USD30bn.
  5. Blue Lion

    Work in eCommerce?

    I potentially have the opportunity to join an eCommerce site/app which has just expanded to Asia. The company doesn't sell products but rather provides a "service". The role would be a sales position which would involve signing up merchants to use the platform for their business while also...
  6. Blue Lion

    Monthly subscription package - "save TIME, save MONEY, improve your lifestyle"

    I’m currently working in Finance in Asia, and let me tell you, the working hours are LONG! Myself, and many of my friends, regularly find ourselves in the position that by the time we have finished work, eaten and then get back home, its already past 12.00am. This rarely leaves enough time to...
  7. Blue Lion

    NOTABLE! What would you tell your 18 or 25 year old self?

    For you 25 yr old+ guys out there, if you could go back in time, and tell your 25 year old self something, what would you say?
  8. Blue Lion

    Travel Business

    Anyone here had any experience running an online travel company. Packaging and re-selling holiday products? My thinking is, if you find a decent niche, and can package attractive products together, then subsequently create an online platform to sell them through, the system can be quite...
  9. Blue Lion

    INTRO Ex pro poker player now working in Finance

    Hi guys, Interested to see if there are any ex or current pro poker players in this forum. I used to play full time after graduation, but after U.S regulations came into place, I moved into Finance and have been here the past 2 years. It would be interesting to see what you guys are up to now.
  10. Blue Lion

    MEETUPS Anyone here from Hong Kong?

    I'm currently working in Hong Kong. If any of you are out here that read this forum, let me know!
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