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  1. Aaron T

    EXECUTION Personal Challenge: 1 Month To Impossible Success

    What Is Challenge I am new here, but I am am not new to investing, entrepreneurship and doing hard things. I love a good challenge. I love impossible challenges. So I am giving myself Until Oct. 28th to hit $120,000 with a new business. I am not sure what it is, but I have a few really good...
  2. Aaron T

    OFF-TOPIC Just a beautiful morning and I wanted to share

    Not much to say but it was a beautiful morning out and I wanted to share. It is normally foggy. Sorry these were taken through my front porch window so poor quality but still pretty. Always worth reflecting on nature and beauty when you can.
  3. Aaron T

    How to be a good Mentor

    I am new here, but I saw a lot of wonderful threads on finding a mentor and the value of the Free!!!! Mentorship you can receive just being a part of these forums, reading, learning, not asking without giving. All of this is great, but what if you want to be a Mentor? How do you become a good...
  4. Aaron T

    INTRO I don't really like talking about myself, but...

    As the title says, I don't really like talking about myself but if I am going to make a proper introduction then I might as well do it right. Aaron - The early years I am the son of a military man, often called Army Brats, I traveled the world living in Thailand, Japan, all over America...
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