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  1. Chazmania

    REAL ESTATE Real Estate Investing: dream or nightmare?

    (I'm clearly not up to speed on all rental laws and big thanks to @SteveO and @jon.a for clarifying some of the legalities regarding these situations. I posted to try to educate others but have become the educated in the process.) *** Little bit of a rant with a moral to the story below...
  2. Chazmania

    WEB/DIGITAL Burnt out affiliate millionaires? Fastlane or no?

    So I've read a few threads from forum members who are/were killing it with affiliate marketing, running huge campaigns and some making many thousands per day, and of course millions in total over time. I myself don't have any experience with it. A common thread in all of their stories is that...
  3. Chazmania

    BOOKS "The One Thing"....excellent book

    I found the book listed at the bottom of the forum page so many of you probably are aware of it already. But just in case you aren't I would highly recommend it to any and everyone. I guess you could call it a book on time management but it's really more about the power of focus and clarity...
  4. Chazmania to study fastlane skills?

    Hey All, I'm currently focusing on getting up to speed with regards to website creation, coding, e-commerce, and basically anything having to with creating value through my computer. Since I realize that I'm waaay behind when it comes to computer/internet based business systems, I went on Ebay...
  5. Chazmania

    Looking for "process" 1st to find an "event"!

    *Small wall of text below* Hey All, I'm not posting to report a liquidation event or anything large scale like that, but I promise I will when that happens! I'm posting because I'm almost through reading TMF for the 2nd time and I'd highly recommend the same for anyone still not clear on what...
  6. Chazmania

    Favorite motivational wealth or business movies?

    Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one on here that has pulled from every source available to me: books, audio books, seminars, experience etc, and of course....movies. I'm watching "There Will Be Blood" at the moment and I freakin love this movie! Talk about a driven dude!! Daniel Plainview...
  7. Chazmania

    Hello from New Jersey!!

    Hello All, I'm currently finishing the Millionaire Fastlane Book and I am totally floored! It's instantly in my top 5 of all time and I'm only about 85% done. I've been realizing lately that I need faster ideas to achieve my goals and that's what led me to the book on Amazon, and that's how I...
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