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  1. 1PercentStreet

    MEETUPS The 2015 Fastlane Meetup Pre-Plan Discussion (formerly B&P)

    What would the criteria be for speaking? I'd be interested in speaking. Topic would be what I learned from spending over $1mm/week on paid traffic.
  2. 1PercentStreet

    4 Years In Prison, $3,000,000 business - What's Your Excuse?

    Pretty cool article I found. There is a NEED everywhere. No matter where you come from, you CAN do it.
  3. 1PercentStreet

    MEETUPS Golf Tournament Scottsdale

    Any club rentals? Haven't played in years but always open to blistering heat and a few beers.
  4. 1PercentStreet

    HOT! Finally moving to Scottsdale, Arizona!

    Anyone up for a dinner meetup at Roaring Fork August 22? Roaring Fork @ 6PM August 22, 2014. Who's interested?
  5. 1PercentStreet

    HOT! Finally moving to Scottsdale, Arizona!

    I live over on Scottsdale/Camelback in Old Town. Cox is the best internet out here, 150mbps for ~$100/month. As far as business banks here, I'd recommend Chase. They have been the best and would recommend them.
  6. 1PercentStreet

    When you're calling to sell, but the only number you have is for customers...

    Do both? The worst that they can say is no. Be persistent.
  7. 1PercentStreet

    FAILURE How I lost 550$ to Google

    No need to be rude. You were complaining about being charged something you forgot about and he was simply stating to pay the fees. It's your fault and you shouldn't play this side-walking/scammy way of charge backs. Pay the fee even if they ban you, you signed an agreement(checking the box).
  8. 1PercentStreet

    MEETUPS B&P 2014 Official Thread

    Gorgeous day today, looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!
  9. 1PercentStreet

    Henry Ford Fun Fact

    No reason to get upset here, just a friendly discussion. ;) You need to define what working 12 hours a day is actually doing. Sure you might start at 8 and end at 8, but are you truly working every minute inbetween? 4 hours of focused work per day will kick any 100 hour work week.
  10. 1PercentStreet

    GOLD! I bought a Supercar and got a lot of slowlane lessons...

    I think it looks legit, haters gonna hate.
  11. 1PercentStreet

    10M working 5 days a week Vs. 1M and retired

    What exactly is retired? Can any true entrepreneur retire?
  12. 1PercentStreet

    Everything Fell Apart And Lost Everything

    Great, you learned this lesson early in life. Everyone has the opportunity to become an a**hole, don't. Don't f*cking lie, cheat, or steal. Go out and hustle, provide a need and minimize all expenses. You don't need a phone. Get a prepaid, go live in a basement, sell everything you own, and...
  13. 1PercentStreet

    PUBLISHING Becoming a self-employed copywriter

    Go make a few $$$ then pursue your music. You'll never stop loving it right? Cars, money, sex, music, traveling, real estate, motorcycles... yeah I love all those things. Doing what you love doesn't always work. It doesn't mean I'll be doing those things to get rich. Become agnostic to the...
  14. 1PercentStreet

    FAILURE What You Wish You Knew Back Then?

    Another one: Stick to your f*cking word.
  15. 1PercentStreet

    MEETUPS Houston Meetup

    I'm down for a December trip to Houston... only a 12 hour drive :D
  16. 1PercentStreet

    This Motivates Me. What Motivates You?

    People keep me motivated. Knowing that I can do something positively to impact the world is motivation enough for me.
  17. 1PercentStreet

    MEETUPS Official 2014 Beer & Pancakes Topic Thread

    Ah Damn... Why did I say it like that?????
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