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  1. 1PercentStreet

    4 Years In Prison, $3,000,000 business - What's Your Excuse?

    Pretty cool article I found. There is a NEED everywhere. No matter where you come from, you CAN do it.
  2. 1PercentStreet

    OFF-TOPIC Did you know...

    I found this on facebook and thought it was worth sharing. It might be a chain-mail but some of it rings true to myself.
  3. 1PercentStreet

    Entrepreneur Checklist

    Learn How to Start a Business with No Money with Steve Blank | Stanford E-Corner / Entrepreneurship Gotta skip to lecture 6 to view the full lecture but it's a great video.
  4. 1PercentStreet

    OFF-TOPIC Phoenix Area

    -plans changed... Moving to cherry creek Denver
  5. 1PercentStreet

    Complacent - Advice From Personal Experience

    Even though my experience is pretty limited, here's one of the most important things that needs to be said over and over and over and over. Don't get too comfortable, EVER. Always achieve more. There is no such thing as a peak. When you think you can do nothing else, it's a plateau, not your...
  6. 1PercentStreet

    Renting office space/warehouse

    Hey everyone, I'm from Las Vegas and I've got a new business in the works and wanted to ask a few questions regarding renting office space. I was mainly interested in renting a warehouse and building something of the sort as Rob Dyrdek did for fantasy factory. I know he sunk $1MM into that but...
  7. 1PercentStreet

    Hi everyone

    Hey everyone, how's it going? I guess I'm a longtime lurker around here, thought I registered a while ago but never logged in so here I am :) About me, I got started in everything around age 12 doing surveys online and progressed stubbornly to where I'm at today. I'm 18 now and my biggest...
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