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  1. DennisDuty

    How a Stable Boy Built a Business Bigger Than McDonalds

    In 1909 a farm boy got a job shoveling animal poop at a local ice shop. Back then ice boxes needed ice delivered, and somebody needed to clean up after the animals that pulled the wagons. This boy would grow that company to have more location than Holiday Inn, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, and...
  2. DennisDuty

    RANT I'm not making a SECOND BURGER for free!

    The Scene. You're at local diner. It's a small place. The cook and his wife run it by themselves. You've eaten there twice before and you came in today for a burger. You order and hand over your $10. After a while, the cook/owner approaches. "I accidentally dropped your burger on the floor"...
  3. DennisDuty

    HOT! AMA: Sold Everything - Moved to Bali

    When Cortez conquered Mexico, he wasn't playing around. He ordered his troops to BURN THEIR SHIPS. No backup plan, no solution, no excuses, no scapegoats. Failure was not an option. Defeat the enemy, or literally die trying. Earlier this year, my pregnant wife and I sold everything we owned...
  4. DennisDuty

    My Youtube video with 30 views made $12.1k in a week

    A few months ago I deleted 45 videos from my personal YT channel. I replaced them with two lone videos. I shot these on my phone (also free microphone I stumbled into). The videos don't get likes or comments. They're not monetized or SEO optimized. In fact, as of the time of this posting...
  5. DennisDuty

    Musicians of Fastlane, hop on this opportunity

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" just officially became public domain as of yesterday. It's copyright has been enforced for the past 80 years. This is an opportunity to make a make a couple thousand bucks quick. Record a well produced (yet very generic) version of it that can be used in...
  6. DennisDuty

    RANT Less is more

    After spending some time on forums and reddit and social media I felt compelled to say this: Professional writers warn against "Infodumps" It's defined as multiple paragraphs (or pages) of needless explanation. Nobody cares about these explanations but you, and even if your audience DID care...
  7. DennisDuty

    The Origin Of Money and Value

    Instead of posting in this thread, I wrote this and figured it needed it's own space. Check it out: Toast IS Bread. "How do I make more toast?" Put more bread into the toaster. Money IS value. "How do I make more money?" Provide more value. Let's break it down: ORIGINS OF CAPITALISM: I am...
  8. DennisDuty

    Why I unfollowed everybody on twitter.

    When I first started twitter, I used tips and tricks to accrue as many followers as humanly possible. To me, it was a game really, a numbers game, where follower count = high-score. So, I'd do all the 'mass follow' tricks to reach as many people as possible, knowing that about 20% would follow...
  9. DennisDuty

    People don't want "Free Money"

    I don't want to hijack the other thread any more ( ) But I couldn't let the conversation die. It's rare to see something like this unfold in nature in real time. The first post was...
  10. DennisDuty

    Excitable people: How do you sleep?

    My problem is I'm just easily excited by business... I'm always ITCHING to do the next thing, and as I lay down for bed, it's all I think about. Last night, for instance, instead of sleeping, I laid in bed for hours editing a promovideo in my head. I only got 4 hours of sleep. The night before...
  11. DennisDuty

    HOT! Concept To Funded Kickstarter in Less Than a Month. [Tabletop]

    The Beginning: Boardgames are the future. I give them a LOT of thought. (An anti-tech trend will be upon us soon... followed by a homeostasis that balances tech and non-tech entertainment.) On December 24th, 2014 (christmas eve) I had an idea for a board game... My girlfriend and I printed up...
  12. DennisDuty

    O/T: FUNNY Which Fastlaner Made Buzzfeed's "Most Painfully Awkward" List

    The 23 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened In 2014 If you look closely at this list of "The 23 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened in 2014" you'll see a fellow fastlaner:
  13. DennisDuty

    NOTABLE! Why Haven't You Started?

    A general question to those of you who WANT to start, who feel they should start, but things just keep getting in the way of success. What is it? Family? Fear? Lack of information? Too much information? Environment? Previous failure? No direction? No ideas? Lack of confidence? Let's talk...
  14. DennisDuty

    We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams

    We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams;— World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams: Yet we are the movers and shakers Of the world for ever, it seems. -Arthur O'Shaughnessy
  15. DennisDuty

    EXECUTION Daily Youtube Kickstarter Show

    My slowlane/sidewalk friends think I've been "living the life". In reality, I've been coasting. Picking up work here and there, spending the rest of my time on small projects and hobbies, gaming. I've been lazy. Well that's boring. I'm bored. It's time to build something again. So I'm hopping...
  16. DennisDuty

    PUBLISHING Advice Writing Fantasy Fiction?

    After watching a few interviews with my writing heroes (Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson) I've decided to write some fiction. I'm unsure if this is something I want to even try and make money off of, it's mostly for self development and wish fulfillment. With NaNoWriMo coming up, I decided to try...
  17. DennisDuty

    Tasks for a VA to do?

    I've been thinking a lot about hiring a virtual assistant. This month is the month, I'm pretty sure, to bring one on board to handle some things I can't quite handle myself. It's been fun to brainstorm different ways a VA could help, and ways that many different VAs/Employees could synergize to...
  18. DennisDuty

    Forget HARO.. This is the ultimate way to get PR

    If you're looking to get your product or brand in front of thousands of people... getting featured on a big blog is a pretty good deal. You're not only exposed to customers, but you're also exposed to other blog writers and you can experience a title-wave. So, how do you get featured in a...
  19. DennisDuty

    PUBLISHING Writing Books With No Writing Skills

    While looking at the next 10 years of my life, after my current project is a bit more automated... I know that writing fiction is something I 100% want to do... but I'm not very good at writing. And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I care enough about fiction to increase my skills. When I...
  20. DennisDuty

    O/T: FUNNY [Funny] Success is like pregnancy...

    I saw this and laughed out loud:
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