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  1. Peter2

    O/T: FUNNY NWS Kangaroo. Very Funny

    YouTube - TV blooper - Kangaroo Jerking Off :rofl: :smxB: :smx4:
  2. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Smiling Bob gets STIFF sentence.

    The Associated Press: Ohio company owner gets 25 years in fraud case
  3. Peter2

    Shipping Container Homes

    Shipping containers provide home in a box - Buy a House: MLS Listings & Home Buying Tips - MSN Real Estate :)
  4. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Arm transplant.

    Surgeons transplant two arms onto farmer - Health care -
  5. Peter2

    Kathy Ireland explains the keys to her success.

    Kathy Ireland explains the keys to her success. SUCCESS — What Achievers Read. On Newsstands Now! .
  6. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday Yveskleinsky !!!!

    Happy Birthday Dana. :)
  7. Peter2

    WEB/DIGITAL Imminent Domaining.

    One hundred domains. Sounds like a good, round, impressive number. And 100 felt like a lot for Howard Hoffman, who began snapping up domains like and to help redirect web surfers to his bottled water company's site, taking advantage of what's called "type-in...
  8. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Easy come.......easy go.

    'Extreme Makeover' house faces foreclosure - MSN TV News
  9. Peter2

    How to buy a business.

    25 Things to Consider Following is a checklist of items you should evaluate to verify the value of a business before making a decision to buy: 1. Inventory. Refers to all products and materials inventoried for resale or use in servicing a client. Important note: You or a qualified...
  10. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC New $100 billion banknotes.

    Zimbabwe introduces $100 billion banknotes -
  11. Peter2

    WEB/DIGITAL Good news for online companies.

    Some of today's hottest companies are virtual: They operate exclusively online, with employees and customers scattered all over the world. Yet to do business, these companies typically are still required by law to maintain a terrestrial office, to hold real-life board meetings, and to keep a...
  12. Peter2

    Great companies started for $1000 or less.

    You don't have to have a lot of money in order to start a business. I found a story about several companies that where started with $1000 or less. They all have revenues of more than $1 million. Great Companies Started for $1,000 or Less, Bootstrapping Article - Inc. Article
  13. Peter2

    Where to find financing for your business.

    Here are some links on how to find financing for your business. Courtesy of Inc Magazine. I hope you all find it helpful. :) Finding financing is a more complicated matter than during the dot-com years when money seemed to flow freely for any good idea that crossed the transom. Today...
  14. Peter2

    Felix Dennis's Tips for Getting Really, Really Rich.

    Felix Dennis’s Tips for Getting Really, Really Rich :)
  15. Peter2

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Peter2

    How to make millions selling rocks.

    The Beginning In 1975, Gary Dahl working as an advertising executive at the time, launched the sale of the pet rock which quickly transformed him into a multi-millionaire. This enormous profit is much more impressive considering it only took him six months to achieve his multi-millionaire...
  17. Peter2

    Yacht Flipping.

    Forget flipping real estate. Yacht flipping is where you make the big money. :thumbsup:
  18. Peter2

    Crocs in the fastlane.

    From $1 million to $322 million in only 3 years.
  19. Peter2

    Software that writes its own code.
  20. Peter2

    REAL ESTATE Real Estate Investing Abbreviations.

    A lot of the experienced real estate investors on this forum are using abbreviations that a new and inexperienced person probably will not understand, so I thought I would post a list to make it easy for everyone. :) ARV - After-Repaired Value CMA - Comparative Market Analysis COCR - Cash on...
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