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    Blockchain Dev a good idea for a complete beginner?

    Came across a post by Alex Becker (annoying YT ads about dropshipping a few years ago, now selling high ticket ad tracking and showing other people how to make annoying YT ads… plus shilling NFTs). How right is he in his last sentence here? And to those who know about coding/dev: - How would...
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    MARKETPLACE Not sure how to start? This free book will teach you how to build a successful web design business

    Thanks, got it just now. What theme do you normally use/teach in your course? I've been trying to get my head around GeneratePress last week after not touching wordpress since 2011 or something! Is it any good as far as you're concerned?
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    HOT! Are Non-Fiction "to do" Books Facing an Existential Crisis?

    As someone who has negotiated book deals for authors; the majority of books sell a lot fewer than people think, especially in bookstores. I've met people who thought that they were going to fund their retirement with 1 book about the story of there work-life exploits! Not gonna happen. On the...
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    GOLD! Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide.

    Yep, I've seen loads of similar threads on anything to do with making money on YT... it's often a clone of the video they are commenting on. I've been in FB groups where someone has asked if it's safe to send payments to get crypto as it was "YT influencers crypto guy... YT influencer gave me...
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    INVESTING HOT! Hey MJ & co. Why Is "Everyone Doing It" On NFTs? Is It The Real Deal?

    Becker is right about NFTs... he's said they are like a tulip craze and I reckon he's right, at least in general. I could see them working as receipts for things or as proof of part ownership of a group investment (a syndicate buying whiskey, a classic car, a Scottish castle in Dan Pena's case...
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