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    GOLD! Paid Advertising Crash Course

    Thanks for the detailed reply. I kinda figured you would say all that. I guess I was just reluctant to start off that high. So, our average order is $67.91, which would make us about $33 on average. And 2 months in, 20.17% of our customers are returning, so I'm cool with breaking even on ads for...
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    GOLD! Paid Advertising Crash Course

    Hey @eliquid thanks for the thread. I got some questions. I just launched our first FB ads campaign two days ago. I did 1 campaign, 3 ad sets, and 3 ads per ad set. I did the same exact 3 ads, but to a different audience in each ad set. I set a $10 daily budget and did campaign budget...
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    HOT! [C0VlD-19] Forgiveable SBA Loans For Small Biz and Freelancers

    We got our PPP money yesterday but no 10,000 grant or anything from that loan application
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    GOLD! Think Big, and Then Think Bigger Than That.

    Definitely watching this one
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    HOT! The Profit, entrepreneur business turnaround show on CNBC

    I was about to start a thread about this show but found this one. Y'all still watching this show? @Kak I feel like you would like it if you liked Undercover Billionaire so much. I learn a lot from this show
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    HOT! Income Store, Legit? NO, A SCAM AS WE PREDICTED.

    Haha I wonder how many new forum users you're getting from this @MJ DeMarco . Google "income store" and this thread is the 3rd result. Google "income store scam" and this thread is the 1st result
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    I agree with you. But, what I like about this deal is that I can get it today for mid 6 figures and, if I can do with it what I think I can, can sell it for 7 figures in a few years
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    I have a question as I'm still trying to value this business. They want a 3X multiple of SDE for it, but that doesn't include inventory, which will be around $200-250K. What's y'all's opinion on inventory being included or not? @Vigilante @biophase @amp0193 @AgainstAllOdds @Kak @MJ DeMarco
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    Ya, that's my understanding just from this experience so far. I should be sending them an LOI tomorrow, and the broker told me I could talk to their current dealers and licensees as well as potential future dealers. I will also be talking to their manufacturer. Not acting like I'm the current...
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    It just means you're under contract with an option to buy the business in 30 days giving you time to do due diligence. It doesn't mean you're running the business during that time by any means. It just means the current owner can't sell it to someone else during that time.
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    GOLD! Text / SMS Marketing, Any Case Studies from Fastlaners?

    I just got a letter in the mail about a lawsuit against Codefied Inc. (d/b/a Housecall Pro) because they violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They're settling for $2.2M. Not sure how all it applies here, but just throwin it out there for everyone to be careful.....
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    That's what I did, but I didn't know if there was a more in-depth method. Thanks So, discussions with the broker and owner are going good and moving forward on this deal. About to really dissect the numbers and work on an LOI. Also, it might work out to rent the current warehouse space from the...
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    He has been trying to transition from selling to dealers to selling online. The dealer network needs some work too. There is also a licensing side of the business that has been neglected. I can go into more detail on that and really the whole business if I buy it. Their products are proprietary...
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    Ok, so to update this thread a little bit.... I still have the option to purchase the sign business, but I decided to think BIGGER (thanks @Kak ) so starting looking at buying a bigger business (inspired a little by @richardd ) and here's what I'm looking at now... I'm gonna be a little vague...
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    OFF-TOPIC Must See Movies, Recommendations?

    Y'all are all so deep and serious. Any comedy fans out there? Give me some Dumb & Dumber, Ace Ventura, Step Brothers, Superbad, Anchorman, etc.
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    INTRO 2020 Fastlane Summit Speaker: Ryford Estores - CEO & Founder Self Cut System

    Am I missing something or did @Ryford Estores also invent the Cut Buddy? If not, I don't think he was on shark tank
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    GOLD! From 0 To $240,000 Per Year PROFIT In 18 Months (Acquisition Entrepreneurship)

    @richardd I’m more interested to know how you have time to constantly be responding to this thread if you have like 6 businesses and consulting clients
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    Ethical Debate on Product Creation

    Thanks I was wondering that. Now that I think about it, I don't really see how it could be patentable anyways except maybe some specific design aspects of it. I highly doubt they can get a utility patent on this because it's really just an upgrade to an existing product that there are a ton of...
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    Ethical Debate on Product Creation

    Their product seems perfect and that's kinda the problem. I'll need to do some research to see if I can though
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    Ethical Debate on Product Creation

    I basically need two products to start my online store that ties in with my business I recently started (thread here) I'm talking to a US based supplier for one of the products that will private label for me and could be really good. I've been searching overseas for the other product I need but...
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