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  1. Antti

    Shipping goods from China to EU

    Ocean freight shipping prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic. Did you check train freight price from China to Europe? I have no experience of it but I heard it's more competitive now when ocean shipping is so expensive.
  2. Antti

    CHAT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread How is this possible in any country let alone a European democracy?! I'm not anti-vax but this is just totally nuts and frightening. Edit: the link doesn't work because forum software changes words...
  3. Antti

    UK Residents How Are You Dealing With Brexit?

    I used to order a lot from Amazon UK but after brexit I’ve switched to Amazon DE and other continental European webstores. Customs here have gotten a lot stricter too. About 10 years ago I used to order a lot from the US and often the packages slipped through customs without intervention. It...
  4. Antti

    RANT The four-day workweek

    Well there are many aspects to this. I think one important thing to note is that when politicians talk about this the idea is that hours are reduced but monthly pay stays the same. Here are some thoughts in no particular order: - Time is the most valuable asset so for a worker this would be...
  5. Antti

    RANT The four-day workweek

    This not true. The idea has been floated by left wing politicians but it is just empty words to court their simple minded voters. Nothing is being actually done to move to that direction. I doubt it will ever happen unless automation drastically reduces the need for human labor.
  6. Antti

    European FL members, question for you guys

    EU regulation caps the price of calls inside EU at 19 cents/Min and SMS at 6 cents + VAT. I think with most plans nowadays it makes no difference if you call domestically or to another EU country. The cost is the same or it is...
  7. Antti

    HOT! Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    There are many good things about Finland but I would never move here to start a business or pursue a career. This is a small market with extremely high taxes and lower salaries than Germany for example. If you want to come to this corner of the world, I think the Baltic states, for example, are...
  8. Antti

    HOT! Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    I just came back from a short holiday in Estonia. Everything was completely normal there, like a trip back to 2019. I don't think I saw a single mask during five days. My home country of Finland hasn’t had many hard Covid-related restrictions either but people here love to follow rules so many...
  9. Antti

    CHAT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    This was pretty funny, hopefully makes some kids switch Coke to water.
  10. Antti

    HOT! Moving Out The UK Because It Is A Woke Sh*thole, Any Suggestions Of More Conservative Locations?

    The freedom of speech index is hardly an objective measure. It is provided by Reporters Without Borders, an extreme left-wing/woke organization.
  11. Antti

    Amazon FBA sellers MUST have their own website

    Yes, you can sell other brands on the same account. I don’t think there’s a way to change or hide your seller name on those listings. Also, be aware that many brands and categories are gated on Amazon. Better always check that you are eligible to sell a product before buying inventory.
  12. Antti

    Which Business-Friendly Country to Move To?

    Cyprus has a corporate tax rate of 12.5% and zero tax on most types of capital gains, not too bad.
  13. Antti

    Business Taxes in Italy

    If you have an online business just move to a more business friendly country inside EU. Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria etc. there are many options with much lower taxes and less bureaucracy.
  14. Antti

    Feds: Amazon Staffers Took Bribes to Prop Up Sketchy Merchants, Products

    Pretty sure that is just the tip of the iceberg but Amazon will try to spin it so that they have now thrown out all the bad guys. 49% of the top sellers are based in China and Amazon also has a lot of staff in China nowadays. I'm 100% sure shit like that happens there on a massive...
  15. Antti

    Amazon FBA - Violation of the Commandment of Control

    I'm not sure if selling just on your own website and relying on Google or social media is any safer than Amazon. Many businesses were wiped out basically overnight because of the Google algorithm updates a few years ago. It could happen again any day. If you rely on Google Ads, what do you do if...
  16. Antti

    HOT! Are all online coaches scammers?

    I think it also depends a lot on the business model. For example, if you want to start building websites or maybe you want to learn to use Facebook Ads and work as a consultant, then if you have a good teacher, if you work hard and if there is good demand for the service/skill in question, then...
  17. Antti

    HOT! The Worldwide C0VlD-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    I'm willing to bet my house that Russian and Chinese state-run trolls and hackers are currently working around the clock to pour as much gasoline to the flames as possible to create more chaos and divisiveness in the west. I'm equally as sure that the mainstream media won't demand investigation...
  18. Antti

    HOT! Are all online coaches scammers?

    I'm not a student or former student of Biophase but I think you are dead wrong here. I have never come across anyone who gives as much valuable information related to selling physical products as Biophase and he asks nothing in return. I can see being personally coached by him being easily worth...
  19. Antti

    HOT! What business would you start with $50,000 to help save bees

    How about selling something popular in garden category and bundling it with a bee house (I mean those small ones that people can put on their garden that are not meant for commercial honey production). So basically people would get a free bee house. Then incentivize them to post a photo of the...
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