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    REAL ESTATE Ask Me Anything - House Flipper

    Hey guys, I've been away from the forum for quite a while and recently logged back on because I am looking for some new ideas to leave my current gig. Not sure if anyone is even interested but I figured the best way to give back would be to share my experience flipping houses. My partner has...
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    Will this be a problem for amazon?

    The recent Ryan Grant post on retail arb inspired me. The last few days I've been scanning stuff everywhere. I found numerous name brand products with 50+% greater margin. The problem is everything seems to be restricted. Here is the problem with restricted items, obv there is less...
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    WEB/DIGITAL SMS autoresponder

    Hey guys, I'm looking into a new hustle for now, and I'm looking for a service that you text and get auto replies. Like you see a sign and it says "text 5444". I'm stumped on what the actual name is for it? Do you know of any good services? I read a short article on how to do it with google...
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    Questions about building a brand

    Hey guys, I’m looking into opening an ecommerce store with my own private label products and products of others. I eventually want to build a name brand and it be the go to place. I have a few questions on how to handle it though. My goal is to have 2 or 3 different quality lines. High end...
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    Running multiple businesses?

    Hey everyone, Lately I haven't been very happy with my own business, I am thinking about starting another one. I'll give you some back story to why I'm hesitant. I'm 26 now, between the ages of like 14 to 22-23 I had shiny object syndrome. Every time I'd start something I would end up...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Lightbulb internet

    The inventor of light-based ‘Li-Fi’ Internet has completed the first working prototype China just did a test were they reached 50 gps, that's 50x faster than googles top internet google fiber. They are saying in the...
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    NY Times Article about Amazon

    I did a few searches and didn't see this article posted. I absolutely love it, and hope amazon is ran that way and it's not a fluff article. I am 100% against the google 'chill and play pool, work when ya want' type model. 100% against it. 99% of people will read this article and threaten...
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    OFF-TOPIC Forbes highest youtube earners

    Just came across this on FB, when I see stats like this it makes me think of that movie idiocracy
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    WEB/DIGITAL Email Help

    I need some help on the best way to go about it. I want to scrape emails daily from an ad website, and then email them. I have that part figured out. What I need help with is somehow comparing the email addresses from the day before with the fresh ones and deleting the ones that have already...
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    Small lead generation type deal

    Hope everyone is doing well. I've been away for a while after a bad break up with my ex. Now I'm back on my grind and actually started working two jobs. One is doing concrete during the day, and me and my boss are pretty close. He owns the business, and it's a very small business. We were...
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    REAL ESTATE 1500 to 1 million in 15 months

    Hopefully Russ H doesn't mind me stealing his idea. I just got done reading the 3000 to 1 million thread posted a few years back. I noticed allot of the guys had ideas on how to do it with real estate which I have always had an interest in. I've never had the money or cahonies to get into it...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Anyone have experience with pay per view?

    I'm hoping someone could help me out with this. I have an idea for a niche site kind of like youtube, but it's a pay per view. I would like to have it so they just enter there credit card and it charges them right on the video. The only program I've found so fair is this one.
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    Maslow Helping with Idea's

    I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a business idea. At this point I'm just trying to hard. I was thinking of what people need, and remembered about Maslow. We recently learned about his hierarchy of needs in marketing class. I figured this might help some people out with...
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    OFF-TOPIC '1%' CEO Confronts Occupy Protesters

    This is awesome, finally someone stepping up and telling them how it is. "How many people do you employee?" "Ughhh ughhh ughhh" Owned!!! Then she says "I wish I employeed 150 people" So right there she is admitting to wanting to be one of the 1%. Jealousy is ulgy...
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    Keeping it simple

    I was looking over 5000 list of of companies just for fun. I'm one of the people that think I have to come up with the next faceboook to make money. Than this site caught my eye, primarly cuz of the name. I click it and go wow, this is a totally simple and...
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    Craigslist selling

    After reading some good posts on here, I've decided to start a small business that sells stuff for people, mostly on craigslist and I'll take a cut. The way it's going to work is I'm going to try to get them to go to my site, read about it i.e. percentages, how they get paid, and then fill out a...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Best way to go about this

    I have an idea for a site but I've hit a few roads blocks. It's basically a video sharing site, but I need to users to be able to buy credits, and reedem credits. The basic idea is you can purchase credits, and then donate them to a user to view their video. Than the person can reedem the...
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