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  1. Kelvin Fernandez

    EXECUTION Camper Van Conversion Company

    Very cool. Camper vans are rising in popularity.
  2. Kelvin Fernandez

    GOLD! Can this thread save your life, and perhaps countless others? Yes.

    I know you said you wouldn't post the username or the person's name but any hint on how to find this information in outside channels? I would like to know who it was. If someone can PM and if this breaks a rule, please disregard.
  3. Kelvin Fernandez

    HOT! Some people who get rich get snobby? Anyone else experience this?

    This isn't new. There are countless books and movies talking about this phenomena of new money. The Great Gatsby is the first thing I think about. I don't know what psychological aspects are at play, but it seems it happens quite often for it to be a recurring theme. I would just let it slide...
  4. Kelvin Fernandez

    HOT! We provide excellent CUSTOMER disSERVICE!

    This phony relationships big business try to push are so idiotic. They do the same at t mobile too. The employees are suppose to act like your friend. And they even tailor the music playing in the store based on what they think you'll like (based on how you look, I suppose.) No I don't want to...
  5. Kelvin Fernandez

    NOTABLE! She Left a $60k Job to Freelance (with a twist)..

    Any social media freelancing is heavily dependent on looks. Sorry just the way it is. A middle age man can have the best marketing and do the most research but I doubt he'll rise to the 1% on onlyfans. Women dominate those spaces because men are willing to pay for the eye candy.
  6. Kelvin Fernandez

    I need to escape my toxic work environment

    You're getting paid $6 an hour. That's below minimum wage in the USA and would be illegal. I'm sorry but your dad is using you, or whoever owns that business. Unless you get other perks like a free car, housing, food etc.
  7. Kelvin Fernandez

    OFF-TOPIC Friendly or Nosey or invasive neighbor?

    I think this guy is just to overly friendly. It's easy to know your neighbors routine. I know all three of my neighbors routine because I live in a small community. So I can see and hear there cars. I think you should talk to this guy and learn more about him. Don't make a judgement on him just...
  8. Kelvin Fernandez

    EXECUTION E-Commerce Brand Kick-Started By The Pandemic

    I can't believe you sold it. Can you please tell us why? It looked like it was going so smoothly. Also what plans do you have for the future now? Now that you sold it, would you tell us what products you were selling.
  9. Kelvin Fernandez

    CHAT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Soon we wony Wonder if they'll do that for inmates on death row. Only fully vaxinated inmates will receive the the leathal injection.
  10. Kelvin Fernandez

    CHAT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Yeah but what about communism makes it so attractive to people? It's like they don't even have to try. All they do is spread the message of communism and people just lap it up.
  11. Kelvin Fernandez

    CHAT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    This is why I don't follow trends or whatever I see been pushed on TV. Anything been talked about on mainstream media are now just orders for the population to follow as trendy. I remember at the start of the Covid hysteria Fauci said masks don't do anything. But when mainstream media began to...
  12. Kelvin Fernandez

    INVESTING El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Its Legal Currency

    Nice what were you doing there and where? I think the difference between Latin American countries and US cities is the type of crime committed. Most Latin American countries have some type of criminal organization behind the crimes. The homicides are mostly between rival parties. Meanwhile the...
  13. Kelvin Fernandez

    INVESTING El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Its Legal Currency

    El Salvador has been very dangerous in the last decade. Right before the new president took office it was one of the most dangerous country in the world. At one point it became the number one murder capital of the world. But the new president started a massive sweep of organized crime. I went...
  14. Kelvin Fernandez

    INVESTING El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Its Legal Currency

    The New Law In English translated from Spanish.
  15. Kelvin Fernandez

    INVESTING El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Its Legal Currency

    El Salvador becomes the first country in the world to make Bitcoin it's legal Currency. The Bill was passed at midnight after two hours of debate. The President of El Salvador it's encouraging all crypto entrepreneurs to move to El Salvador. He promises them legal residency, no capital gain...
  16. Kelvin Fernandez

    Make Enough Working 6 Days a Month to Support Yourself: Clinical Trials

    Anything that can mess with my body and health is a no from me. There's something about messing with the vehicle I need to survive on this planet just for some money. Money is meant to maintain your happiness and well being. Anything that alters your body or wellbeing is not worth the money...
  17. Kelvin Fernandez

    EXECUTION From Getting By to "Oh My!"

    I didn't know instagram was still making people money. But I guess I've been proven wrong. What are you doing to tackle the commandment of control?
  18. Kelvin Fernandez

    EXECUTION Progress thread - porn website

    So after your adult business you'll become a singer? Why not just go for singing from the start?
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