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  1. EsJay

    Importing is costlier than Amazon. What am I doing wrong?

    Looks like I have hit a roadblock! and looking for some advise. I short listed 2-3 products which I would like to import and got quotes from suppliers including courier shipping for 20-25 sample quantity. . Total Samples shipment weight is ~11-12 Kgs/20-25 LBS. Amazon listed costs for these...
  2. EsJay

    INTRO I am scared...damn scared...

    I realized I should have written it in more refined manner. Hence removing.
  3. EsJay

    Create Business Entity (LLC etc) before starting sell on Amazon?

    Hi All, I am interested in starting an e-commerce business and currently doing all the reading and learning I could do. I think I understand the basic concepts and challenges etc, what I could not find is, do I need to setup a legal business entity (say LLC etc) and do import and selling...
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