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  1. MrYoshi

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    I've been in sales for quite some time and starting to see a big shift in traditional outreach. If I had this course 4 years ago, It would have made all the difference. I have no trouble at all getting in front of folks now. Also, I'm...
  2. MrYoshi

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Yup, and once that happens expect all the shitcoins to go higher and for the legit tokens to explode for years to come.
  3. MrYoshi

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I've learned from my mistakes since then and loaded up on BTC for the last few years. (: I've actually been 100% focused on the crypto space since late 2017 so it's been interesting, to say the least.
  4. MrYoshi

    HOT! Dealing with depression as an entrepreneur, figuring things out as I go

    Ahhhh, Another person transformed by Eckhart. He saved me tbh - it's actually a bit messed up now that I think about all the folks that will never experience the now.
  5. MrYoshi

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    Incredible job dude, you inspire me a ton. I went for two massive businesses in the past (both failed haha) and never had the chance to do this solo/freelance type of work. Now I find myself having to get a job again but your approach is incredible because you can keep this up until you find...
  6. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Update: I got into another argument with one of the co-founders. He removed my email access and told them that I quit lol. I owned the domain and shut it down but I believe he's trying to do the exact same business under a different name. Either way, I don't want to start a legal battle...
  7. MrYoshi

    Should I move out of my parents house?

    I moved back in with my parents and will move out once I'm consistently hitting 10k/month.
  8. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Update Many of these deals were lost, but we continue to work towards bringing in new opportunities and be more closely attached to our partner's solutions. I wasn't working full time on this for a while and only recently started putting more time in due to a $50k investment from one of our...
  9. MrYoshi

    GOLD! Quit my job, living in the fastlane. (How I Set Myself Up To Quit)

    Awesome job man, this is inspiring stuff. Funny enough, I ended up quitting 3 sales jobs without making any revenue with a business. I'm starting to think that maybe I should find a side job (part-time) and live with my parents. Thanks for this thread man - really helpful to me personally.
  10. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    New Update It's been a few weeks and things are going well. Still no revenue but at least we have no issues internally and have dealt with all our past problems. If nobody has guessed yet, we are in the emerging tech space - IoT, blockchain, AI, etc. I have been struggling to get a consistent...
  11. MrYoshi

    INTRO Just quit my fast food job...

    You got this Doug! Stay hungry..
  12. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Appreciate the guidance here bud and yes, it is a tough job indeed. I am excited to either get past this or start again - I'm going to be relentless in whatever is next so I never have to work a 9-5.
  13. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Health goals are purely to recover from my gut issues, which I have for the most part. I'm annoyed at the amount of research required to fix the problem, but I'm on the path to getting healed fully so I'm grateful for that. Update Unfortunately, things have gone downhill since my last update...
  14. MrYoshi

    MARKETPLACE Done For You Cold Email/Call Scheduling Service - Over 2,000 calls booked

    Hey PJ, is your business tailored mostly to small businesses (<$50M) or do you work with enterprises ($1B+)?
  15. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Another update down below and sorry for the late response as I've been working like a freak to get our first deal. I love these execution threads because it's a nice way to log where we stand and make changes along the way (Edited this because I forgot to end the sentence lol). I would say that...
  16. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Thanks and yes, I've been healing quite well so I'm very happy on that front. Thanks bud! It's been much better since I left the company so I am very happy as I continue to make progress - funny because all I needed to do was eat a ton of fermented foods/drop bread, sugar, and a few other things.
  17. MrYoshi

    Sold business for several $million - now a family business?

    Incredible job - this is inspiring!
  18. MrYoshi


    hahahaha, I remember doing this shit like 9 years ago hahaha. It's absolutely terrible - you sit and do surveys all day lmfaoo.
  19. MrYoshi

    HOT! Digital Marketing Agency, the new Podcasting?

    To anyone running a digital agency in this thread - Alex Berman can help you get in front of any person you want with cold emailing. View: I saw his videos a couple years ago, but he helped me a ton with cold-emailing when I was in a sales role...
  20. MrYoshi

    GOLD! Achieve Laser FOCUS + PRODUCTIVITY With The System Legendary Fastlaners Use...

    Feel free to let us know whenever you add this to your site. (: I'll be implementing this other method soon though and going through this thread.
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