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  1. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION Trust Your Gut - Seriously!

    Hello everyone, This will be my progress thread going forward. A little background on me - Graduated from university back in 2016 and started a sales role at a large tech enterprise company. Really enjoyed it early on until I read the Millionaire Fastlane, which ruined everything for me haha...
  2. MrYoshi

    Entering back into the slow lane

    So I run a leads generation/review site business and I started the company about 8 months ago and went full time in September. I've spoken with about 30 different marketing directors and none of them are interested in paying us up front for leads, but I know we will find a few at some point...
  3. MrYoshi

    EXECUTION MrYoshi's Journey to Freedom

    Hello everyone, I am going to use this thread to document my journey. I currently run a leads generation business in the SaaS market. I believe that my sales experience should be enough for me to get started and eventually build out a platform for us to compete with others in the same space...
  4. MrYoshi

    INTRO Hello everyone - MrYoshi

    Hello everyone, I've been a member of this site for a few months now, but I never fully introduced myself. I thought it made the most sense to share how I started this journey. It all began with my terrible experience in school. I basically have been studying a lot these past few years as my...
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