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  1. Michał Kóska

    EXECUTION Project Management consultancy

    Hi All! Is there anyone here running a PM consultancy business/ Project Management services? I'm experienced and well educated PM working for a large company and want to start doing it on my own. I will start tomorrow cold mailing companies here in Europe to see how it goes, what are their...
  2. Michał Kóska

    USA->Europe import

    Hi Guys, Do you know any reliable freight forwarder in NJ area? I need a 'door to container' service -> shipping to port in EU. Thanks!
  3. Michał Kóska

    MEETUPS Memphis meet up

    Hi Guys, I will be in Memphis between Jan 16-25th, If you would like to meet- let me know, my afternoons are mostly free :) See you! Michal
  4. Michał Kóska

    PUBLISHING Kindle publishing

    Dear Friends, After almost a year of writing, I finally released my first fiction. How do you advertise your publications? I am new to this field, I would like to target a lot of readers, what other platforms do you use for publishing? Thanks! Michal
  5. Michał Kóska

    MEETUPS Poland meetup- Krakow

    Hi! Anyone interested in meeting up in Krakow- August maybe? Let me know :) Cheers!
  6. Michał Kóska


    Hello, How many parents are here? :) I'm just curious. Do you or did you have the same feeling? Sometimes I feel I'm afraid to take the 100% entrepreneurial plunge because I'm worried of my family's financial security. Btw I'm 25 years old.
  7. Michał Kóska

    Land broker

    Hello my Fastlane friends, I live outside the city and my town is surrounded by huge amount of agricultural land and building plots, Also the neighboring towns have similar possibilities :) There are brokerage companies in the area but surprisingly they don't offer a lot of this land to sell...
  8. Michał Kóska

    Import USA- Poland

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about importing used motobikes from USA. I believe someone must have done it here before. Do you know a good freight forwarder on the East Coast? Do you know if they arrange shipments to Poland? (the port is Gdansk). What is the usual shipment cost you paid per motorbike/...
  9. Michał Kóska

    Business proverbs? :)

    One of the most popular Polish business proverbs is: "A gram of trading is better than a kilo of physical work" What are the most popular in your country? I think they are also some sort of motivation. What are your thoughts?
  10. Michał Kóska

    INTRO Hey! Greets from Poland!

    I'm new here, MJ's book was a medicine for my soul! I'm ready to leave the Slowlane and join the Fastlane! Thankfully I'm 24 years old, BTW. Anyone here from Europe that made the Fastlane come true for him/herself?
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