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    REAL ESTATE Rent increase calculator/formula needed

    Hello - I'm back after spending too much time on the car boards, and not enough on this one. I'm going to start increasing rents on some of my properties - is there a formula I can use to show how much an increase in monthly rent will increase the value of the property over the long term? Or is...
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    HOT! Motivational Quotes

    I really enjoy the content (and quality) of this forum. Thought I would start a new thread dedicated strictly to motivational quotes. For me, all it takes is one good quote to get me fired up about where I am going, and where I want to end up. Feel free to add on - Here is one of my recent...
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    REAL ESTATE Liquor store/strip plaza

    Does anyone here have experience owning a liquor store, with a small strip plaza? I am looking at one later today (owner retiring); nice little plaza. Financials look good - decent area with a lot of traffic. Any horror/success stories in regards to owing a liquor store? To me it's a recession...
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