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  1. sparechange

    RANT Losing the sale

    Today I went on a quick run to the store to pickup some groceries, and wanted to share the perspective of a customer that is giving away thousands of dollars to X or Y companies. Lately in my life I've changed my diet and am adding new things, so I'm making a bit of a conscious effort to see...
  2. sparechange

    A short look into marketing with other brands

    While getting some things from 711, I couldn't help but notice Halo Infinite style packaged cookies! What an amazing idea to help market not only a video game, but also help boost the sales of Chips Ahoy by catering to some of the biggest addictions in the world.... Sugar, video games, and...
  3. sparechange

    O/T: HEALTH Could you kill an animal?

    Had a thought in my head last night biking through the trails and seeing some ducks bathing in the river. In China it's common to eat duck and goose while in Chinada these animals are protected under wildlife acts, and the thought of killing one to eat is something I'd never do. Yet by eating...
  4. sparechange

    A ''simple'' question

    What fulfills your soul the most on this very earth? And how can we live our lives to the fullest, so one day when our eventual death comes we can look back on life in old age and say WOW! What an amazing life I've had! This thought popped into my head as I visited some big homes here in...
  5. sparechange

    O/T: HEALTH Staying healthy... at 99 years old

    View: This is crazy! I'm absolutely amazed at how good he looks at 99, AND he still has hair! Years ago at my job I met a 92 year old that was still active with skiing, always thought old age is wheelchairs and limping around.. maybe not! I'm on a...
  6. sparechange

    INVESTING A million bucks.... 20 years from now?

    Thought this was quite shocking to see, of course noone on here suggests saving money for the long term and when you look at the math behind it..makes alot of sense. Let's hope this is your big year, 2021 when you finally made the first million bucks. Time to splurge on that Ferrari, buy a...
  7. sparechange

    OFF-TOPIC The First Man In Jail From Covid (Vancouver)

    Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
  8. sparechange

    Ignoring your own 3 b's I just saw this on Youtube, thought it was a troll video.... Nope! 100% real with nearly $400,000 raised! Maybe the custom...
  9. sparechange

    RANT Becoming a millionaire (the ''secrets'')

    Upon some reflection, I've failed at alot of things in my life. However, the reason for these failures isn't talent based, ability based or anything along the lines of that infact. This will be alot of verbal diarrhea I hope you enjoy while I listen to some heavy rock. Looking back, the number...
  10. sparechange

    Starting up Whole Foods

    Found this on JRE.. View:
  11. sparechange

    Feel good marketing

    I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone speak about this, so thought I'd bring it up. My BS detector is pinging off the walls from ocean spray ''gifting'' this totally random guy a truck, but ignoring that there's a lesson to be learned here...
  12. sparechange

    Sales Strategy

    Hola Senor's & Senoritas :races: Just wanted to start some discussion, some thoughts in my head to post on the forum on the topic of sales strategies assuming you have fairly warm leads. For cold leads my idea has to been to give away a small portion of my product away for free and then hope to...
  13. sparechange

    The importance of testing, betas & trials.

    Hola senors & bonita senoritas. I just wanted to share an idea for the forum that is extremely important, a concept that should be implemented into pretty much every business. Testing! I've been offering out free trials (for a product) and am asking for feedback on my idea, getting some...
  14. sparechange

    What to do with emails/phone numbers I cant use?

    So I have a Canadian site and for some reason Americans are ordering off my site which I can't fulfill.. Is it possible to hand over this info to someone at a price?
  15. sparechange

    CAD biz owners, are you struggling with employees??

    So with these unemployment cheques going out for the next 6 months, it's been hard to hire someone for me... Do you guys struggle with this to? I think I might of started my biz to early....... :inpain:
  16. sparechange

    OFF-TOPIC The Trumpinator

    View: I wonder if this will change anything, if this guy can get through the Chinese flu with barely any symptoms what does that say about shutting down half the world? What a joke! View:
  17. sparechange

    RANT Employee to Employeererer

    I got my first employee yesterday to help with some work and today they are a no show. God bless unemployment cheques, welfare states and whatever else government assistance programs are out there, #supportsocialism #capitalismisevil #eattherich #freehousingforall Funny story, back in the day...
  18. sparechange

    OFF-TOPIC Thanks to MJ Demarco

    @MJ DeMarco Thank you for your books & this forum Because of you I am on the trajectory to ultimately changing my life for the better, on the day that I found The Millionaire Fastlane your personal writing style (coffee with a millionaire) really hit me hard, I was living broke and hungry...
  19. sparechange

    How can we increase our chances on the journey?

    This is something I've thought about for a while. Whether you have a service or product, our biggest problem could be obscurity. Imagine a magical world where you can quickly verify an idea or business asap. Well........ how do you get as many eyeballs on your business? And how many people...
  20. sparechange

    Free business idea (hiring actors etc)

    Heck I'm not sure if its a good idea or not, but right now I'm struggling to hire someone for some filming... maybe that's a big need for business owners ? Someone to demo my product, talk about my product and other misc things. I posted up an ad that I'm looking for talent yet haven't gotten...
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