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    HOT! This Guy Didn't Sell Shovels, He Bought One Instead (Inspiring!)

    So I recently got to know a guy through something my wife and I did to help out someone he knew (we didn't know him, or have any expectation of getting something - just looked after someone kindly). Turns out this guy is highly successful, and I found his story (and the simplicity of his...
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    PUBLISHING Interesting New Site: Kindle Scout

    Found this yesterday via Producthunt, looks kinda interesting. Amazon has launched a kind of crowd-sourced Kindle publishing arm called 'Kindle Scout'. From what i can see, you submit your book [must be new, unpubbed], readers download a sample and vote it up if they like it: if your book gets...
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    Everpix: Fully Documented From Startup to Shutdown

    Thought this was interesting, Everpix was a photo storage app [web & mobile] that started up in 2011 and shut down late last year after running out of money. All their internal docs and data are up on Github and make for some interesting reading. Consumer surveys, paid traffic data, daily web...
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    Hello from Toronto

    Hey, thought I'd better post an intro, joined up a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed reading the forum. A lot of good people and a lot of inspiration here :) A little about me - Edward, 39. I've been dabbling around doing internet stuff since the late 90's, web design/dev, SEO, media buying...
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