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  1. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL Is There Too Much Hype?

    Hi Fastlaners :) I am putting up a new optin/sales letter page and was working, on choosing my power words that strike a nerve, when a prospect reads it. I have been a fan, student of copywriitng for over 8 years now. In copywriting, the words that we choose are extremely important. One of...
  2. Destined

    Simple question...Advice needed

    Hi Fastlaners, I am in the process, of hiring programmers for my project. I want to get an account with a company that will host a server for me remotely. In your opinion, is it better to host your own server or just pay a company and use their dedicated server? I cannot manage a server and it...
  3. Destined


    Hi Fastlane folks, I have an idea that I want to have created, for me by an outsourcer. I have a paypal account that is one level above the regular one and I have a paypal account that is linked to a company. When I am getting my project created, do I need to pay the outsourcer with the...
  4. Destined

    I need your advice

    Hi Fastlaners, I been a member of this forum for quite a while and think all the topics and advices, given are awesome. Here is my problem and it is a bit deep and I need your advice. You see, when I grew up I seen violence and I absolutely hated it. Now that I am older I want to run my own...
  5. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL Website Scraping Software(s)

    Hi Fastlaners, I am taking massive action as usual and working with my developer on creating a scraper software which I plan on selling eventually. My question is this, is it against the law to create a software that scrapes sites such as google. Can a software be created to scrape sites like...
  6. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL Possibility of lawsuit

    Hi Fastlaners, I am in the process of setting up a freelance site. I know there are tons of competitions out there, but i'm still doing it. My question is this for those that run online businesses. What are the chances of getting sued? I have crafted a nice disclosure form and stated that the...
  7. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL The ART of dedication & success

    Hi Fastlaners, Mj's book was a waking up call for me. For the past 2-3 years I have just been relaxing and my income was a bit poor but I had no motivation to do anything about it. After i read Mj's book last November, it lit a fire under my butt and got me motivated again. I want to say that...
  8. Destined

    Starting a social network site

    Hi fastlaners, I have been researching and thinking of starting a social network site for a very popular niche that spends million if not billion dollars a year. This niche is kinda like the home improvement niche. People will always spend money and the interest is always there. Need- Yes...
  9. Destined

    First part of the fastlane formula = Need

    Hi Fastlaners, I know that we need to create a business, that is in need and it should fill the needs and solve the problems of others. My biggest issue is doing the market research and finding out the needs of others. I have dabbled in the best seller section and have used google...
  10. Destined

    Hello from Cali

    Hi all, I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. I have always had the entreprenurial drive. I have been there and done that on many of the opportunities that have existed and have busted on almost all of them. At an early age I went to tech school and at 21 was making 50ks a year. I...
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