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  1. GatsbyMag

    Did you read MJ's new book? You need a co-founder to be successful?

    I shortened the original post, so hopefully it clears it up for people. I'm thankful to @MJ DeMarco came out with those first few pages of the book. You're a kind man MJ!
  2. GatsbyMag

    Did you read MJ's new book? You need a co-founder to be successful?

    I know you never said that, I just included that as an example of limiting belief
  3. GatsbyMag

    Did you read MJ's new book? You need a co-founder to be successful?

    After reading the first few pages of MJ's new book, I realized i haven't had a mental assessment of my 'delusions' or beliefs in a long time. So I defined what success looks like for me, what I think I need to do to achieve it and the beliefs as to why I'm not there yet. I think some of the...
  4. GatsbyMag

    EXECUTION 100 Brown Cents To $8000

    Currently working with clients on their delivery, overall things are doing alright, but if I don't see traction with this product before March, then I've decided to quit entrepreneurship for good. It's been a great journey, many ups and downs, but I don't see the point in my pushing forward. I...
  5. GatsbyMag

    MJ DeMarco's first business

    in covid?
  6. GatsbyMag

    INVESTING HOT! Prediction: 2021 is going to be a total shit show. Place your bets now.

    Why did you wake up on the New Years and decide to post this? Go enjoy life
  7. GatsbyMag

    OFF-TOPIC Grant Cardone Admits: "The American Dream is way harder than I've been writing about in books and talking about from seminar stages"

    Grant is a multi-millionaire, imo he doesn't really care. Why would he? I think he's good at deploying empathy and making people feel like he cares, just like Gary Vee and Ryan Serhant. If you think any of these people genuinely care, look at their Glassdoor reviews from people that work with...
  8. GatsbyMag

    Nassim Taleb's barbell strategy

    This is a popular strategy that most know about or can come up with, surprised Nassim felt the need to write an entire book about it. I'm sure there's extra detail that makes it worthwhile, might check it out later.
  9. GatsbyMag

    Anyone thinking of buying real estate in 2021?

    I've been told real-estate will no longer be as lucrative as it once was and that the future is in investments into cryptocurrency.
  10. GatsbyMag

    EXECUTION Yet another marketing agency progress thread..

    There are so many marketing agencies. Why does yours stand out to clients? What do they actually value from you that they can't get by themselves or from another cheaper agency? Hope the question isn't too intrusive, I am genuinely curious!
  11. GatsbyMag

    Negative mindset.

    I've recently been in this position man. I may even still be there a bit. You need to be patient. I don't mean you should wait. I mean you need to be patient. In order to be patient you need to do the following: 1. Assess your bank account - is it in a good place? If not, get a job. A job...
  12. GatsbyMag

    platform business ideas? please help

    Someone that will revolutionize an industry will not come on the fastlane forums to ask for ideas to revolutionize an industry. But maybe you'll prove me wrong? Let us know 3-5 years from now.
  13. GatsbyMag

    RANT Wealth inequality and poverty

    Life isn't black and white. I get your point about laziness, but tragic events happen to people daily. Some people take up drugs/smoking/gambling to take their mind off the painful reality of their life. For example, I know of a guy from highschool who killed himself by swallowing pills. He...
  14. GatsbyMag

    Is being a Yoga Teacher fastlane?

    I'm surprised no one has shared more critical feedback. So I'll play devil's advocate. Overall I think you need to re-read MJ's book x3 more times. Here are red flags: 1. You say that you want to start a trash bag brand - maybe you live in a vastly different society than I do (probably the...
  15. GatsbyMag

    How do i overcome inertia in life, and make my first $1

    Do what @j0elsuf said. Most importantly, your biggest problem is DISCIPLINE. It doesn't f*cking matter how you'll make money online with your kind of mindset. You need to improve your focus and be disciplined. It's easier said than done but it's possible. Until then, no matter what you do...
  16. GatsbyMag

    INTRO Tired of this f*cking life

    100k's advice is good. You seem to be at 'rock bottom' right now. When I'm at rock bottom and all my efforts are futile, I usually go back into scripted mode and get a job, for the following reasons: 1. Having a job stops me from banging my head against the wall (ruminating is not good) 2...
  17. GatsbyMag

    O/T: HEALTH Is it possible to reduce your ambition to become happier?

    Update: I got a job to keep me distracted by day, and at night I focus on business. Sounds counterintuitive, but I feel more productive knowing that I don't have all day to think about why my marketing isn't working , or the time to get lost in reading too much about a problem I'm having...
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