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  1. J

    INTRO An introduction and an important question

    Australia, Melbourne. I'm personally into old school BMW's but they car scene here is very broad.
  2. J

    INTRO An introduction and an important question

    Thanks for the replies! @woken I agree about the almost free marketing aspect. Being able to leverage your followers has the factor of scalability too. I'm not looking to go down the road of selling stuff people don't need, but I'm catching what you're throwing with the Khaby Lame example...
  3. J

    INTRO An introduction and an important question

    Do you ever have those surreal moments in time where everything stops and you get a glimpse into reality and a true sense of self? Hi, I'm Jack. I just finished reading Millionaire Fastlane and the feeling of urgency to turn my life around is heavy. Making it through each chapter put a...
  4. J

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book! Unscripted is up next. Can't wait :)
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