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    GOLD! 6 Figures At 18! 1 Year of The Fastlane Forum

    Wow, this is just awesome and congratz! Could you please link to the two mega threads of the two guys? They have so many.
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    NOTABLE! How do you generate ideas?

    It’s very interesting that the article seems not to be the recommend first step. More the second after having identified a problem. But than not random ideas (how to write a blog …), but more problem specific .
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    NOTABLE! How do you generate ideas?

    Could you please give us the link to this article?
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    GOLD! No network? No money? No idea? No education? NO PROBLEM!

    I think the best way to learn copywriting to take some lessons and just start. Fail fast. And learn from it.
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    Is it a good idea to show a potential web developer your flowchart/mockup?

    Well, mockups are only showing functionalities and no design. So when you want to give this to a developer, he needs to know a) how it should like (design) b) what the functionalities in this mockup are The scope needs to be clear for a developer and you have to avoid that he thinks it is a...
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    HOT! Critique my tea website

    I would also suggest to use other pictures form your kitchen (maybe with no background, only the pot)
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    MEETUPS Germany Meetup Opportunities

    Hi guys, I'm new in the forum and I'm really looking forward to join:) Besides the meet up I have a special interest about the tax stuff in Germany. As soon we you earn money from a business (even earned money from feverr, upwork etc.) you have to register a business in Germany, right? And to...
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    GOLD! No network? No money? No idea? No education? NO PROBLEM!

    @FionaS DO you have any updates about your progress? Love to read it.
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