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    INTRO Is Selling on Amazon worth it?

    I can second this ^^^ its been my experience that building our own store and brand using ads, on every platform you can understand, is a much better way to go as far as control goes, as far as costs go, you will spend about the same either way if done correctly. I think the control issue is...
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    HOT! Andy's Inbound/Sales Braindump

    Thanks for this information it is very helpful and a reminder to me of how I used to deal with "sales" - time to head back to the original approach and mentality for me. Cheers for the reminder!
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    Still Struggling to Get Started? See Nothing but Bare Walls? Don't have a Single Idea?

    Can confirm,,, I have had this happen to me more than once with FB and YT. Since then list building is the way to go for sure. Cheers for the discussion I appreciate it.
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    HOT! (Audio) Who have you helped?

    Mainly I have to "Just do it"... as that famous slogan goes, help people (which I have been doing but will do more of now) and in helping them learn what their industry needs also, if they ask for more help - I can start charging them for more in-depth help. Spot on advice. Cheers!
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    HOT! (Audio) Who have you helped?

    This is great Thank you for directing me here. Cheers! RA
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    Just finished today and I thin the book is spot on! Cheers! RA
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read it and the book is a real eye opener! Cheers! RA
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