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  1. Devilery

    Would you guys like to see a re-design/re-creation of the forum?

    It's like an aspiring interior designer goes to someone's house, and says: "The colors look kind of bland, I prefer bright, sparkly colors, and the gym in your basement..., I would rather build a home cinema there because I like watching movies".
  2. Devilery

    INTRO I want to start my entrepreneurial journey but I don't know when... let me explain.

    I started severely depressed, in debt, and had zero skills related to what I do now. Looking back, was it the perfect time to start? NO! I should have started even sooner. MJs books are the foundation on which anything can be built, whether it's a summer house or a 60-story skyscraper. Sure...
  3. Devilery

    O/T: HEALTH Has anyone had success with a waist trainer?

    Personally, I don't think that this is the right place to ask about it. Some fitness-related subreddit would be a better place to ask about it, but the underlying concept is the same as in business, the shortcuts are more often than not, ineffective or just delusional. A waist trainer alone...
  4. Devilery

    Supplements I haven't used them personally but they seem legit.
  5. Devilery

    Connect the world with bicycle paths - for a healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous world

    There are probably far fewer people who ride bikes everywhere than people who are willing to pay for building infrastructure on such a massive scale. It's a beautiful utopia but imagine the average person who already struggles to eat healthy and exercise regularly if told that he/she will now be...
  6. Devilery

    FOR HIRE Copywriter for hire

    I will just add to what others have already suggested to you, you need to be specific. You can't write about anything for anyone. Start by defining your audience. You can work in an industry that you already know well (have been an employee in the space or have learned about it through a...
  7. Devilery

    OFF-TOPIC C0VlD is on the way out - it has to - new philosophy for the world

    And how could you objectively know "what will be"? If there's no objective proof, it's wishful thinking, thus a close match to the law of attraction.
  8. Devilery

    Packaging a PRODUCT!

    I prefer RedBull too, and I also think to myself: "why do I get the most expensive energy drink if they're all sugary trash with some caffeine in them"? I don't think it's the design. I believe it's the brand. RedBull is supposedly used by the world's best athletes. Many of these sports are...
  9. Devilery

    INTRO IS there any designers I can contact?

    THIS! I tell my clients who don't have a logo to just put their company name in a nice font, or get a $20 logo on Fiverr. Unless you have a physical product that will have a logo on it, the logo doesn't matter at all. Action-faking at its finest.
  10. Devilery

    Would this work?!

    Just to help you brainstorm, isn't Kickstarter already doing that really well? There are probably similar platforms for SaaS and other digital business ideas.
  11. Devilery

    RANT where do you get your idea?

    Just an assumption, but you probably feel like it's "hard" to find an idea. Already done, too much capital required, too complex, not needed, etc. In reality, none of that matters, because you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Every idea is already done, but you can do them cheaper, faster...
  12. Devilery

    REAL ESTATE Buying a 1 euro property in Italy? Too good to be true?

    I hope it's okay to share a YouTube link here, but I believe this video features "one of these villages" or at least a close match to those where the 1 euro homes are located. They're in rural/remote areas, falling apart (no plumbing, roof fallen off, cracks in the walls), and there's really...
  13. Devilery

    Stuck in the investing niche

    The issue may be very simple here, are you credible enough to take investing advice from? There are people who've made millions investing, sharing the same type of content. They have a track record, so people listen read, and listen to their insights. If it's just "a kind of passion" for you...
  14. Devilery

    BOOK REVIEW Can't Hurt Me: by David Goggins, Review and Discussion

    David Goggins is as radical as a human being can be, so obviously, very few will resonate with him, but what the hell are you talking about. This man has served in combat as one of the most elite soldiers on earth. I don't think it's fair to assign any sign of stupidity to what he has done...
  15. Devilery

    Critique of my website

    It looks exactly as it should when selling songs for over a billion! Totally legit! I wanted to write "on a more serious site" and recommend you the Divi Builder which gives you beautifully done templates to use, but yeah...
  16. Devilery

    HOT! Possible solution to create a non-drinking culture?

    As we're obviously both not serious about the idea, I would love to do some mental gymnastics. Have you ever met an alcoholic? He/she will obviously take the money, and won't give a shit about the terms. What are you going to do then? Sue him/her? How are you going to counter billions-worth...
  17. Devilery

    HOT! Possible solution to create a non-drinking culture?

    Sure! I'll take your $350 and from the bottom of my heart, I promise not to spend it on a fancy bottle! Would you give out your personal money to strangers with alcohol-related issues?
  18. Devilery

    Creating a marketing strategy

    This is a forum full of successful entrepreneurs, many people here probably do know more than a bit about marketing strategies. What everyone tried to ask you is to be more specific. - What's your plan? - Where are you now? (e.g. have a product/service, but no customers)? - What have you...
  19. Devilery

    HOT! Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    Bali is certainly there, although I would love to explore all Southern Asian countries/islands, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Philippines. The next on the list is Bali or Indonesia as a whole. Sure, I would love to visit Maldives, Bora Bora, etc. too, but these are "a bit"...
  20. Devilery

    HOT! Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    Thailand was a dream destination for me, and I recently get here for an almost 2-month stay (2 weeks or so here currently). It's super cheap (although, it wouldn't be as cheap if covid didn't exist, the locals seem super friendly and are not trying to sell you everything (my experience in...
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