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  1. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    So our house is on the market (been on since mid December) - we ended up hiring a realtor. We had it built for $1,500,000 about 2 years ago and we're selling for 1,400,000. Even at 1.5 its under what all others are priced at. 1.4 is a steal imo. So we're losing money, but we just wanna move...
  2. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Hire a Realtor or Not?

    We are thinking of building a new home and selling our current one. The nice thing is our new home wouldn't be complete for about a year, so we'd have a year to sell our current one. Our neighborhood is a really prestigious new development area with homes ranging from 1M-4M and we have cars...
  3. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Land Trust

    Hi, we are purchasing a new home and our attorney has sold us on the idea of an Illinois Land Trust. Privacy is important to us, but once a utility bill is set up, people would know who lives there. So my question is does anyone here have experience with properties in trusts and what do you...
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