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  1. Destined

    HOT! Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    Your mindset is beyond toxic and limiting. Go to a self help forum or read some books and fix that mindset, then you can benefit from what this forum has to offer.
  2. Destined

    EXECUTION [Progress] Building a $1M business from scratch

    Information products/business models are very lucrative. unless you have a huge targeted list or tons of connected affiliates/jV partners, then it will be very hard to compete with the heavy hitters in the industry. Information marketing is also very saturated as well. What makes your...
  3. Destined

    EXECUTION Launched Supp. Company, now how to market?

    You are in one of the biggest cut-throat industries. Your goal is to go where your target audience is. Even if you do go to them, why should they choose you/your supplement over what is already out there? What makes your brand better than other brands? I'd suggest that you establish strong...
  4. Destined

    Yes, another 'is it worth it to learn copywriting?' thread

    I read Cashvertising in 2009, it was a great book and very informative. This is probably, the best copywiriting book ever written(Breakthrough Advertising) and very hard to understand, for newcomers. Breakthrough Advertising: Eugene M. Schwartz, Martin Edelston: 9780887232985: Books...
  5. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL The middleman between creator and consumer

    Can you scale, this idea? I come from an IT background myself and have seen this issue 1000s of times. If you can scale this idea and spread it out, then it might be worth a shot. You gotta think of the potential, market size for this idea. Are customers, that desperate to pay for this idea...
  6. Destined

    Yes, another 'is it worth it to learn copywriting?' thread

    Copywriting is human psychology, at it's best. If you want to have success in business/sales/marketing/advertising...then learn it and keep learning it. Writing ads, descriptions needs to have persuasion. Your goal is to motivate someone, to take action. Whatever that action is, whether to buy...
  7. Destined

    What to do when you find out your idea is taken

    I agree on better quality/value....delivering better value/services is the way to go. If this is not happening, then your sales will halt and eventually stop. I don't agree at all at being cheaper than your competition, just to enter the market and compete. You can even price your...
  8. Destined

    My Biggest Struggle

    you need to de-clutter all that shit that's in your head! Go to amazon and buy a book on mindset and make it work!
  9. Destined

    Rookie Entrepreneur Here.. Looking for constructive feedback..

    If i was you, i'd study the competition. Go to their websites, see how they look. try to see their marketing angles and what they use. You are entering a shark infested pool with lots of strong players. Why work so hard, when they have done it for you. Yes, you still have to hustle but checking...
  10. Destined

    Business Loan

    Why get a business loan to do affiliate marketing? Go put up a website and then simply drive quality traffic to it. make sure that site has good conversions before attempting anything. In today's world you can drive some good traffic, by doing guest posting on blogs, article marketing. If you...
  11. Destined

    Seeking Marketing Advice To Grow Audience

    Best advice, I can give you..i to go where your target audience is. Find people, that are building lists in that niche and work with them. If any of them run solo ads, see if you can work with them. I don't know exactly, who your audience is, so i cannot offer more advice.
  12. Destined

    Fitness enterprenuer

    It's all about building a loyal following and building a massive tribe of fans. The fitness niche is beyond crazy, find a certain segment..rock it..get results...testimonials and go on from there. I say, first get the results/testimonials and then try to build the tribe and expand your reach...
  13. Destined

    First startup I worked for now has 1.3mill in seed funding

    So basically, all of those people that worked with early start-ups (like:Fb, Twitter, Uber), they all were wasting their time? Not, all had control of those early start-ups. The process is what makes it all special. The details and daily transactions/activities is what makes it special. I do not...
  14. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL Is There Too Much Hype?

    For sure, In all's not much hype either. Simply using the word "secret" makes it seem like hype. The Content, itself is no hype at all. So, I use other words that, do not seem like hype. In, copy as you know, the word secret, is a word that draws attention, so I would...
  15. Destined

    Advice needed on how to get pre-sales

    Well, It's all about the audience and the product. Get the audience excited and make them want, your product. think of those star wars movie commercials. They, want all of us to go and see the movie once it comes out. The audience/market already exists for the product (star wars movie) and these...
  16. Destined

    WEB/DIGITAL Is There Too Much Hype?

    Hi Fastlaners :) I am putting up a new optin/sales letter page and was working, on choosing my power words that strike a nerve, when a prospect reads it. I have been a fan, student of copywriitng for over 8 years now. In copywriting, the words that we choose are extremely important. One of...
  17. Destined

    INTRO What Job would be best suited for an 18 year old aspiring entrepreneur?

    First of all, congrats on having dreams and wanting to hustle so you can have a better future. How much, money do you exactly need? You can earn money by either working a job/gig/project or getting a loan from friends and family and even investors. Have you tried asking, your friends and...
  18. Destined

    HOT! Wasted 3 years of my life doing nothing

    I was being factual, on this topic. If someone has a poor mindset, then they can expect pretty much the same results. I was being and always am very positive, my other posts prove that :) I hope the best for this, fella but unless that negative mindset fades away, then it will be very hard to...
  19. Destined

    HOT! Wasted 3 years of my life doing nothing

    You seriously, need to change your mindset! No matter, what direction people give are set for failure. You are defeating yourself with such a poor attitude. It is all about attitude first, if you are thinking that you are a failure and will be a failure, then your results are pretty...
  20. Destined

    PUBLISHING New fitness book

    Awesome job, on the book and the cover looks great as well :) If I was you, i'd try to find the most influential people in your niche. Bloggers, website owners, anyone that has some sort of influence. Give them a copy of your book and simply ask, if they would leave you a comment on amazon (if...
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