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    Ethical Debate on Product Creation

    I basically need two products to start my online store that ties in with my business I recently started (thread here) I'm talking to a US based supplier for one of the products that will private label for me and could be really good. I've been searching overseas for the other product I need but...
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    HOT! Should I buy this business?

    So, I have started a small side business, which is a local service business and is very niche with nobody else doing it in my area. I started a thread on it here: EXECUTION - Overall Look at a Local Service Business But, while I was networking and talking to people I know that run local...
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    INVESTING Angel Investing - Great Opportunity or Scam?

    It's obviously a typical sales funnel that could be a big guru scam, but it's interesting that it's Neil Patel and Robert Herjavec.... It also misspells his name Angels and Entrepreneurs Summit It's like a membership to see the early start ups that they claim to be investing in, so that you...
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    EXECUTION Overall Look at a Local Service Business

    I don't expect much attention on this thread, but wanted to start it as my progress thread and also a way for all the local service guys on here to brainstorm and share ideas with each other for best marketing, software, hiring, and customer service practices. I am launching my business in the...
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