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  1. Alxander

    Buying a domain that is owned by broker

    You can check Domain Auction | Buy & Sell Distinctive Domains - GoDaddy to be sure but it seems like someone parked that domain and used GoDaddy to hide their identity if the Whois actually says it's GoDaddy LLC, so sadly think you're out of luck. Maybe try to buy the .io or .co?
  2. Alxander

    How not to get f*cked when outsourcing code?

    As a developer myself I don't know much about outsourcing code, but as one myself I would advise you to propose a few frameworks and see if that person knows one of them. Pick a good but popular frameworks, I really like Laravel as a back-end for medium sized web applications for example, and...
  3. Alxander

    Living on your own VS living with high performers?

    I would just make sure I have a room where I can work alone and quiet if I need to but this is more to recharge as an introvert. I work 10x better when people watch me work, I don't get on my phone or start daydreaming. Even just knowing that I'm going to have dinner with them I want to say I...
  4. Alxander

    How To Get Rich by Naval Ravikant (Meaningwave version)

    The best thing I've discovered lately is something called meaningwave: View: It's basically music but with inspirational speech in the background and I find it astounding how well it works together. And no, not a man screaming with some athletes sweating, it's a...
  5. Alxander

    Why I don't work a developer job anymore (video)

    Well yes, the application you apply your application to (sorry for this pun) is very important. It took me a lot of time for me to code something that's worth persuing. It happens more often than not that people start coding something, and just when they release it, a big competitor or Google...
  6. Alxander

    How do you know if you are doing the right things or just stubborn?

    There are times in your life when you're in the dark side, where you just execute and put in work. Then there's the light side where you plan, look at things with a broader perspective and look how things can improve. So I don't know much about your life, but as you're asking this question you...
  7. Alxander

    Anyone using Node.js for their website?

    Usually I use node.js cause it has all the nice libraries on github, and it goes well with NOSQL databases. And it's easy to code in as you can code both the front-end (I like vue.js) and back-end in javascript.
  8. Alxander

    Why I don't work a developer job anymore (video)

    So this isn't me but a Youtuber, in the video he mentions he read Unscripted! View: I've been coding for quite a while now, and just lately I've been realizing what a superpower it actually is. I left a comment that went like this: Coding is such a wonderful...
  9. Alxander

    HOT! Living in a van down by the river

    I was living in a van for the past year after I graduated college. It began as a roadtrip from NY to CA and I ended up in San Diego, San Fransisco and lastly Los Angeles. I just got my own place cause I have to incorporate my company and I needed more time. Vanlife will take quite some time...
  10. Alxander

    O/T: FUNNY Every life coach ever

    What do you mean? I just bought 1 million Dickcoins, I should be a millionaire pretty soon.
  11. Alxander

    O/T: FUNNY Every life coach ever

    View: Don't forget to follow him on IG Charles D (@charles_success_d) • Instagram photos and videos Honestly this one is even better Neel Kolhatkar on Instagram: “@charles_success_d is Australia’s fastest growing entrepreneur”
  12. Alxander

    OFF-TOPIC Wannabe IG entepreneurs be like

    View: Guy has a lot of other funny parody videos too, especially the Bitcoin one lol
  13. Alxander

    HOT! How I (didn't) become a millionaire at 19

    My photo is used how is this possible LOL Funny that it actually didn't happen, did got some motivational fuel from this one. I remember very clearly that he said "it was from a group of old people that pooled money together for an app idea they had, the funny thing was that they chose the...
  14. Alxander

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! Daytrading Crypto: My Journey

    I would look on IDEX, it has low volume coins but you just need to choose one where some hype is building up. I bought CHX but sold it for a shitcoin just before it mooned 5x... that hurt, on top of the potential gains I could've taken the past 12 months Ain't nothin' more of a rollercoaster...
  15. Alxander

    CRYPTO INVESTING NOTABLE! Going "All-In" on ONE cryptocurrency... which?

    I'm already, most of the time, all in Request Network. It has one of the most professional teams, I'd say top 3 of all coins. They are pretty low valued still, already have a mainnet with lots of more features/partnerships coming. For example they now have have a partnership with PwC France...
  16. Alxander

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    I've got 3 people who want to buy a shirt, so I have enough profit to start a $5 DigitalOcean Droplet :rofl: I'm done with college in less than a month, I will be traveling but luckily the internet exists so nothing is holding me back :smile2: Hope I can take some lessons from the previous...
  17. Alxander

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! $500,000 Side Revenue By 2019 Or Bust - A Crypto Follow Along

    I just HODL let me elaborate lol. I joined around 7 months ago. Started with 1k, dabbling around with ETH, lost a bit and gained a bit back with other small coins. Added 1k extra in NEO, bought at 7$, it went to 56$ but sold at $28. Then I went all in the Request Network ICO, at 6 cents...
  18. Alxander

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    Thanks for hitting me up I'm busy with my end assignment for school right now. I first want to try other projects with deep learning or apps before I get into this space again. I did hear from the founder of Suav shoes that she liked my designs Think when i have an existing brand, I'll release...
  19. Alxander

    CRYPTO INVESTING HOT! CHAT Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I think the best time to sell is when you think "wow this is actually insane", maybe wait a few days to be sure lol, and just look at the chart. It looks like a shark fin for me :( Yeah just get in before March :D
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