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    Advice for buying a business with a friend.

    I havent been around much, but I view on occasion. I have been busy working mostly(for someone unfortunately). I have recently learned about an opportunity to buy a small fairly unknown type of business(except in the "industry" it will be in). I will be buying it with a friend(if everything...
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    INVESTING Good book to learn about investing in the stock market

    Im new to the stock market. I would like a good book or website to understand what everything means on a stock quote and what to look for in a good stock(this is probably more up to you what you think is good).
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    My Goals....

    Here are my goals: My biggest goal is not to work for anyone for the rest of my life. I would really like to get in to the 7 figure income but I would be fine with not having a boss for the rest of my life. With out going into to much detail, I want to provide a service with an online...
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    Business Degress?

    Im kind of considering a business degree(Ebiz). What are they worth with people like me just wanting to start a business from the very basic level? I was thinking about starting in January but now I got thinking are they really worth it? I dont need a degree to start a business, some of the...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Meet with a Web Programer tomarrow.

    Im excited. I finally am going to get my website up and running. I would prefer doing the web site myself but my expertise is Networking not programming. I wish I was better at programing but I have been working with it lately and I cant do a thing with programing. I guess the reason of my...
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    Howdy everyone!!!

    Technology guy interested in Apartments. Hey Im new here, obviously. I saw the link on Talklambo. I have been reading a lot lately, I thought I would register and hopefully contribute to this forum. I am Brian I am 22 from South Dakota. I currently work in the Technology field, I have...
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