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  1. LifeTransformer

    OFF-TOPIC Dan Lok - doesn't read, but you should read these books

    This just made me laugh, hopefully it'll give some of ya'll a kick too Happy Friday all! Hope you're all keeping sane
  2. LifeTransformer

    OFF-TOPIC Get Paid While You Sleep!

    This guy has got it figured out: Step 1: join twitch Step 2: stream yourself sleeping Step 3: profit...
  3. LifeTransformer

    Wyoming LLCs - Agents and Feedback?

    I'm thinking of taking one of my niche eCom things to the next level, in order to do that I need to register an LLC somewhere or potentially risk all the legal bullshit that might come without doing that. My question is this; has anyone got experience registering one of these companies? I...
  4. LifeTransformer

    HOT! Grant Cardone = Bankrupt (Dumb PR Stunt)

    This is someone who has been the topic of a few threads here, so I thought I'd post this up. . Seems like he's broke: View: . I don't know why I never really followed this guy much, but I I guess his personality didn't sit entirely right with me or something ...
  5. LifeTransformer

    EXECUTION New Year = New Thread.

    New Year, New Forum, New Book by MJ, New President of the USA! (maybe should have left that one off for some of you), new everything! So, with that in mind, it's time for a new progress thread. (Little bit late getting round to it, but to heck with it!) You may have seen some previous...
  6. LifeTransformer

    O/T: FUNNY This is how Idea Sex works!

    If you are confused about the principle of Idea Sex. Then let me give you an example of how it works. Here we have a popular sporting good, the hockey helmet: Next, we take a popular fashion accessory, the headphones; Beats by Dr. Dre. We're off to a great start, but we need something...
  7. LifeTransformer

    RANT Don't go too niche!

    At the risk of preaching to the choir. (a lot of people here will know this already). I want to talk very briefly about niche. The "follow your passion" thing gets regularly debated, and I don't see this one being done too often. So here it is: Don't go too niche! If "follow your passion" is...
  8. LifeTransformer

    OFF-TOPIC What do you subscribe to?

    This isn't very fastlane, just a curiosity. I'm just wondering, aside from the insiders (which I haven't done yet, but certainly will). What are you subscribed to? I don't mean apps, software or anything along them lines. I'm thinking newsletters, magazines, podcasts, whatever. I generally...
  9. LifeTransformer

    O/T: HEALTH The one and only fasting video you need to see.

    If you've ever wondered about fasting, why/if it works, or how it works. Then this is the video for you: I read about fasting a couple of years ago and started implementing it as soon as I could. I first started with what I'd call a "moderate" fast where I made sure to not consume any...
  10. LifeTransformer

    Ideas I've had that I haven't got time/resources/interest/knowledge to execute.

    Thought I'd post up some potentially fastlane ideas that I either haven't got the time, resources, interest or knowledge to execute. I tend to have too many of these throughout the year, so hopefully unloading a few into the ether of the web will one day pay off for someone else. I know you...
  11. LifeTransformer

    BOOK Non-fiction readers/writers - How much backstory?

    I Have been chatting with a fellow fastlaner about non-fiction books and the amount of backstory that should be in them, and would like to get the views of other members here if possible. The short question is; How much backstory in a non-fiction book is too much? More specifically a business...
  12. LifeTransformer

    A great sidewalk example.

    Wasn't sure whether to put this as sidewalk or a fastlane funny (it made me laugh) but here it is. Guess what I witnessed the other day? A woman returned a vegetable to the grocery store for 77 cents. She didn't purchase anything else, no! She went to the grocery store to get a refund on...
  13. LifeTransformer

    RANT Is Apple going full retard with its marketing, or is it just me?

    I could just be me, but is Apple going full retard with its marketing lately? Exhibit 1 (extended / over the top / extra annoying version): Are they calling their users dumb? Or, are they just putting something annoying in their ad for fun? Either way, nothing makes me want to buy a product...
  14. LifeTransformer

    BOOK The Miracle Morning for Writers.

    TL;DR: The Miracle Morning for writers is out now, I've read it, it rocks, if you're a writer, you may want to buy a copy. No, you should buy a copy! If you're not on Steve Scott's email list, or regularly searching Amazon for the miracle morning series, you may not know that there has been a...
  15. LifeTransformer

    PUBLISHING Need a book cover designed? I'll do it for free.

    Update: If you have a book in either the Horror, Sci-Fi, or other more potentially challenging genres to compose a cover for, I can take your project. No longer taking requests on: Non-Fiction, or Romance (including ero). I've come to the point in my book cover designing progress (I've done...
  16. LifeTransformer

    Can you buy a "Bond"? / Any ideas about this would be much loved. This Handy Robot Holds a Pen and Writes Exactly Like You Do Does anyone know if you can buy one of these or something similar? Or, even a way to make my own? I've been scouring google and the only thing I've really found is bond's website (
  17. LifeTransformer

    Sidewalk rant.

    Putting this in the sidewalk forum because ranting is surely a sidewalk pastime. ............................ I actually felt like going on a long rant before posting this, then it seemed to fade; maybe I'm getting somewhere. Perhaps that could be the basis of the thread? EDIT: Maybe not.
  18. LifeTransformer

    EXECUTION 52 books in 52 weeks. Writing them.

    If you have read what I've posted here so far, you'll know that I've read 52 books in 52 weeks. The other thing you will have noted is the fact that I've done fudge all as far as making myself a true fastlaner since joining. "Enough is enough and it's time for a change". (actually this isn't...
  19. LifeTransformer

    OFF-TOPIC What laptop have you got?

    One of the things I need (some may say want) is a new laptop. I love the one I'm writing this thread with now, but the battery only lasts an hour roughly which sucks for portability. So I'd like to know; what laptop have you got? Main things I want from my next one are long lasting battery...
  20. LifeTransformer

    Action Balance - Pure Action Vs Pure Knowledge

    Dear Fastlanerses. (Watched The Hobbit recently, apologies) In my brief time here I've realised a very divided pattern, there seems to be those who suggest ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, MORE ACTION, and, then, just to be on the safe side, ACTION! For good luck. These same people, seem to think...
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