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  1. Alxander

    How To Get Rich by Naval Ravikant (Meaningwave version)

    The best thing I've discovered lately is something called meaningwave: View: It's basically music but with inspirational speech in the background and I find it astounding how well it works together. And no, not a man screaming with some athletes sweating, it's a...
  2. Alxander

    Why I don't work a developer job anymore (video)

    So this isn't me but a Youtuber, in the video he mentions he read Unscripted! View: I've been coding for quite a while now, and just lately I've been realizing what a superpower it actually is. I left a comment that went like this: Coding is such a wonderful...
  3. Alxander

    O/T: FUNNY Every life coach ever

    View: Don't forget to follow him on IG Charles D (@charles_success_d) • Instagram photos and videos Honestly this one is even better Neel Kolhatkar on Instagram: “@charles_success_d is Australia’s fastest growing entrepreneur”
  4. Alxander

    OFF-TOPIC Wannabe IG entepreneurs be like

    View: Guy has a lot of other funny parody videos too, especially the Bitcoin one lol
  5. Alxander

    OFF-TOPIC Mastermind Groups

  6. Alxander

    Need to have an UNSCRIPTED presentation for my SCRIPTED college (English exam)

    Currently finishing college and will give a presentation about entrepreneurship cause I could choose anything I wanted. (like in life lol). It only needs to be 5-10 minutes long so it's gotta be in the fastlane. (these puns are getting quite good right?) I will explain the points a little bit...
  7. Alxander

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    After more than a year of pseudo entrepreneurship with apps etc (just trying things out lol); I created my own clothing line and webshop in less then 7 days (with help from awesome services) The brand is called 10AM and the website is Together with a friend of mine we...
  8. Alxander

    What is the biggest slowlane thing that you still do today?

    I just drove 1 hour back and forth for a small drone I bought on an auction site. That's pretty slowlane right haha :smuggy: What is your biggest slowlane sin that you still do? Please confess me your sins :vamp:
  9. Alxander

    Fixed vs Growth mindset graph

    you already know which path to take.
  10. Alxander

    My own hamster, in the slowlane.

    Thought I'd make a funny thread, that may actually be helpful :p First of, my hamster didn't got any wheel to begin with (sidewalk). He was just trying to escape by gnawing and was craving instant gratification treats. After a while, he became a little fat. So we had to buy him a wheel (job...
  11. Alxander

    EXECUTION My own way

    I could've asked a thousand questions about what to do. So I'm just going to tell you the story for your own sake :) My first year of computer science went OK. At the beginning it was struggling, but definitely improved after that. But I wasn't happy. So I choose to stay at my intern and work...
  12. Alxander

    INTRO Let me tell you who I am.

    I'm a 17 old male from The Netherlands, Breda. I'm currently studying programming, and I'd like to build apps for mobile phones later on. The reason I wanted to join this forum is because I want to learn to start a business on my own! No thanks working in the office for someone else for the rest...
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