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  1. Shawn

    Internet Adult site?

    Sounds like you'll be the one interviewing all the naked chicks:rofl: My first biz was an adult related site. I later sold it cause I started it when I was a teenager and later hated the industry as I was getting older. A few things that come to mind...check your local laws first of all, but...
  2. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Blackballing Zip Codes

    Seems to be true:
  3. Shawn

    HOT! What is Happening to Personal Responsibility?

    Lmao - I get pissed off when I make my quarterly payments too. 40% (and that's just the Fed!) is insane, in IL I gotta pay state too. My wife has a friend of a friend who hasn't paid taxes HER ENTIRE LIFE and she lives in a $1500/month apartment with her two kids and basically scams the...
  4. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    Sorry - yeah I have no idea! LOL
  5. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    Trust me the painters weren't the buyers haha. Yeah no way will we go that low again. We're probably going to raise our price and set and forget it. The realtor actually advised us against going this low and said the house is worth so much more, so I don't think she's working against us. The...
  6. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    I dont get it? lol
  7. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    We did, we're having another house built and didn't think the market was so bad lol. So we just wanted to sell it super quick even if it meant a loss. But we realized that was stupid and talked to the builder and he's willing to hold onto our money and resume building once we sell. So now we...
  8. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    Well, my wife insisted on letting them come back and bring their painter and crap in to get quotes. She figured give them this last time and then never again. I didn't agree and felt it was bull, but I didn't want to be the one to blame. So I let her handle it and they came spent several...
  9. Shawn

    HOT! Forum error message

    works for me now. I tried to respond to something earlier, typed in a long response, hit submit and got the error. I was like crap..I typed all that for nothing lol:cuss:
  10. Shawn

    HOT! Suggestions Thread

    Pick a www or non www version and redirect the other. I am too lazy to type in www. most times for most sites and when the cookie is set on the www version and it doesn't redirect, I have to log in again. Not a big deal, just thought I'd mention it. :)
  11. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    Well they came and basically logged all the flaws with the house (trim, nail pops, small crap like that), our realtor seems to think that is good because they may intend to use that to make an offer if those are fixed. Whatever. Now they are going to look at ANOTHER house they apparently have...
  12. Shawn

    WEB/DIGITAL SSL certs?

    The problem is that most browsers recognize only few certificate issuers. I've sometimes gotten this message: "Your browser does not recognize the Certificate Authority that issued the site's certificate." Verisign is who I'd recommend for this reason alone. But they are much more expensive...
  13. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    Yeah, our builder said that's about what it would cost now to rebuild (1.8-2.0M). But, we're building a new house and wanted to get this off our plate. The nail holes in the wall - that is hilarious because they already mentioned (shall I say the wife did) the nail pops, the trim separating...
  14. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    Thank you both for the help so far. Just had to vent. We're gonna let him see it one more time and basically have the realtor tell him take it or leave it let us know today. And if he does wait, we're going to do exactly that, raise the price back to 1.4. I would guess if I wanted to be...
  15. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Selling Our House

    So our house is on the market (been on since mid December) - we ended up hiring a realtor. We had it built for $1,500,000 about 2 years ago and we're selling for 1,400,000. Even at 1.5 its under what all others are priced at. 1.4 is a steal imo. So we're losing money, but we just wanna move...
  16. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Hire a Realtor or Not?

    Thanks very much for all the help. There's great info here :) We are going to give it a shot by owner and the mls listing service for now and offer buyers agents a percentage.
  17. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Hire a Realtor or Not?

    Great info MJ, thanks. We sold out last home by owner too and paid $300 for an mls listing service, but ended up selling to a buyer without a realtor. It took 6 months to sell, but we walked away with more than we planned to which wouldn't have happened with a realtor. And a little more...
  18. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Hire a Realtor or Not?

    Very helpful yveskleinsky, thank you!
  19. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Hire a Realtor or Not?

    We are thinking of building a new home and selling our current one. The nice thing is our new home wouldn't be complete for about a year, so we'd have a year to sell our current one. Our neighborhood is a really prestigious new development area with homes ranging from 1M-4M and we have cars...
  20. Shawn

    REAL ESTATE Land Trust

    Good point, thanks, I'll ask him about it. :)
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