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  1. Charnell

    Anyone using a social proof pop-up on their eCommerce site?

    Every once in a while I'll browse AppSumo deals and see what new things are popping up. Saw something last night that piqued my interest: a social proof pop-up. Does anyone have any real-world experience using them in an authentic manner? Also, going beyond just showing recent sales and...
  2. Charnell

    Stumbled onto a product people want but isn't available, how to move forward?

    Generally, I keep my endeavors online & digital, never really venturing into the physical realm. Long story short, posted on Pinterest a stock image of a product that can't be found anywhere online that people are going crazy about. I'm thinking it was handmade. There are Reddit threads asking...
  3. Charnell

    [Ideas]End of the year gifts for B2B customers

    Wondering if anyone has any solid ideas for end/begin of the year thank you's to customers? I'm still in the minor leagues over here, but have a few firms I'm working with consistently I'd like to show appreciation to. Right now I'm torn between doing something industry-specific (architecture...
  4. Charnell

    EXECUTION Building Architecture B2B & B2C Service

    As promised in the "What will you accomplish in 2019" thread, here's my progress thread for my current project: a B2B endeavor in the architecture and design industry. If you want to skip to the end of the post I have my history since joining this forum. This project was started as a...
  5. Charnell

    How much of your CRM do you set up before driving big traffic?

    B2B, construction industry-based service. I'm using Agile CRM. Right now I'm a few days away from finishing up the website build. Ideally, I want to start my cold calling and cold emailing campaign when it's complete. However, there are so many things I can still set up that it could take a...
  6. Charnell

    OFF-TOPIC New ETrade commercials about getting mad at the "1%"

    E*Trade Stokes Rage Against the 1% in Remarkable Ads From MullenLowe – Adweek Funny watching these, especially after reading Unscripted. The basic premise of the ads are your boss is a dick, imagine a Gatsby-esque lifestyle, go on ETrade that dipshit in high school got a boat, sucks to be...
  7. Charnell

    When in doubt, liquidate

    No, not your business. Your shit. I used to take pride in having a bookshelf full of books I would partially read and then stick them next to other books of a similar size. They're loads of fun to carry when moving as well. Like I'm really going to read about Microeconomics again. I liked...
  8. Charnell

    PUBLISHING Awesome Kindle Dashboard Tool, Breaks Down Sales

    I admit, I sort of beta tested this, before it was so pretty. Now it's all prettified and looks good. Basically, it's a script that you can use to make your Amazon KDP dashboard look like a million bucks. It breaks down individual book sales, daily sales count...
  9. Charnell

    WEB/DIGITAL I Was Smacked in the Face by a Lack of Control

    As some of you may know, I'm in school and have an ebook operation as a primary means of gaining money to fund bigger and better things. tl;dr: Someone got into my Amazon account, lost access for a week. Last Sunday, at 2:16 in the morning, I get an e-mail notification from Amazon saying the...
  10. Charnell

    RANT Do you really need to read 52 books this year? And other media consumption.

    I'm in a mastermind group and one guy brought up how one of his goals this year was to read a book a week. Not just any book, but business related, money motivation, entrepreneurship books. What the hell? Honestly, how many books can you read before the same information gets rehashed in a...
  11. Charnell

    OFF-TOPIC TMF in 6 Minutes

    Found this on Reddit earlier today. Thoughts? I think he does a pretty good job having a general overview of the concepts in the book.
  12. Charnell

    When, if ever, is it okay to talk actual numbers?

    I guess the title is pretty self explanatory, but I've never been in this sort of position before: talking to people about business, getting involved with others, etc. Between friends, family, strangers, mastermind groups, or other entrepreneurs, when it is ok to talk about actual numbers...
  13. Charnell

    Learning Copywriting

    Ladies and gentlemen, I come here today with a requests for knowledge. A request for the knowledge of how to write copy. After spending many moons attempting to sell without a sales pitch, without a testimonial, without a sexy color scheme, I've realized that there is a science and art form out...
  14. Charnell

    PUBLISHING Can we talk about ebook marketing

    I know the best marketing for ebooks is writing another ebook, but i already have over 40 unique titles and a few dozen spin-offs and bundles that produce a nice passive income every month. I'm still publishing, but want to increase my sales through advertising. I was thinking of creating a few...
  15. Charnell

    INTRO New from South Dakota

    Good afternoon everyone. My name is Charnell, raised in South Dakota and recently came back. I spent 5 years active duty in the Marine Corps, got out in April after 3 months of paid leave. Moved back to my hometown temporarily, and now I reside in the town I go to school in. I've had two...
  16. Charnell

    PUBLISHING Charnell's eBook Progress Thread [Here we go, it's getting serious!]

    Good evening everyone! As you can tell, I just joined the forum, and want to jump right in. Who am I? I spent 5 years in the Marine Corps, and now I get to reap the benefits of going to school! 23 year old freshman, hell yeah. I got out of the Corps in April, and in June moved to the city where...
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