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  1. Raja

    No-Code AI platform but from whom?

    With rise of No-Code tools and AI I had this Idea but who would be the target audience? Just a thought experiment. BTW if this is something you need in your industry I could build it out tailoring to your needs.
  2. Raja

    OFF-TOPIC UPDATE: Graduated from College, what's Next

    Hi all, Small update from my side. Graduated from college, now full time entrepreneur. What's next 1. Web design as a hustle, my target demographic is UK. 2. SaaS. I have 50 days to make atleast $1500/month from web design else i will need to get a job. My options are simple, Either overwork...
  3. Raja

    RANT Mindset Help

    Hi Fastlane friends, I was action faking for a long time now and in the last few weeks, I have decided to take action and move forward. after gaining clarity from reading "The one thing" suggested by MTF, I removed all the action fake and distracted to focus on only the work that matters the...
  4. Raja

    what tools do you suggest for cold outreach via mail.

    Hi fastlaners, I am starting to sell my web designing service via cold email, what tools do you recommend to use? also, can you suggest any cheaper alternative to mailshake, my all-cold email will have the first highly personal line. would love if you give any related advice also.
  5. Raja

    What do you do to take breaks using Pomodoro or time block ?

    as the question says What do you do to take breaks using Pomodoro or time block? the break is 5-15 minutes and the goal is not to get distracted, lose focus or energy during the short break. what do you do to recharge?
  6. Raja

    Need Recommendation for Guided meditation Program

    Hi fastlaners, which guided meditation program will you recommend to a beginner? thanks.:)
  7. Raja

    O/T: HEALTH Is Calorie Counting model really flawed?

    Hi Fastlaners, For the past 2-3 years I have heard and tried diets that claim that calorie counting is flawed. I like them because you don't have to weigh the food and count calorie every time I eat. personally, I failed to lose weight(I understand this is because of my poor diet plan and...
  8. Raja

    OFF-TOPIC should I use Frontend framework or templating engine

    Hi fastlaners, I am currently working on building my own marketplace, because I am a mobile developer I had learn nodejs for backend. while learning I came to know about the templating engine in express js. I have no idea of the frontend framework like react or angular(I will learn if...
  9. Raja

    OFF-TOPIC What problems do you have???

    Hello you Action Takers, As Entrepreneurs, we are problem solvers. so what problem do you guys have that you needed to be solved. for me it is: 1. hair thinning 2. my fitness(I am fat) so what problems do you have, maybe someone will find a solution to your problem.
  10. Raja

    How to get Foreign Clients(US, UK, Canada) for App Development Projects?

    Hi Fastlaners, My background I am 21 y/o software engineer with expertise in app development and little knowledge of web development from India. It's been 2 years since my self-improvement journey and got stuck in the tutorial or next book hell, think high and mighty but in reality, got...
  11. Raja

    EXECUTION How much features does an MVP should have?

    Hi Fastlaners, my question for you lovely folks is, while building an mvp, how minimum should an mvp be? I am currently in the planning phase and there as so many very small features like adding tags or category to the products, so that popped the question in my mind. how the minimum is the...
  12. Raja

    How to become fluent in Speaking Any language?

    Hi fastlaners, I am from India and English is not my first language, I was taught English from a young age but still am not able to communicate well(I can speak, write, read and listen). Its not fluent. not real time like my native language. I have started making videos on youtube and for...
  13. Raja

    Software Product Planning Done Right?

    Hi Fastlaners, Some of you may know, I am starting my first business that is a Marketplace for Apps in my niche. Consider it amazon for apps. need is verified by a third-party selling them(like verifying need of medicines after seeing them on amazon and are selling good, then I am going to make...
  14. Raja

    HOT TOPIC Help me choose my Digital Marketplace name

    Hi fastlaners, I am building a Marketplace for digital products. It must contain the word "Widget". widgetsshop or widgetsstore (double s is not favorable), and single s is a premium domain(cost a ton). I was Inclined to use widgetsbazaar, @RazorCut suggested this, I 100% agree with it...
  15. Raja

    Which Platform is best for Multi Vendor Ecommerce

    I am building an eCommerce with multivendor in mind, but introducing multivendor support later may lead to new problems, so I decided to go this route. I am trying to build build a marketplace where any person can signup get verified and start selling, even though this is not my primary goal but...
  16. Raja

    How to keep your UNSCRIPTED Mindset when surrounded with MEDIOCRE People

    Hi Fastlaners, I am a college student from India about to graduate in 9 months. Currently planning and building my venture, I will be freelancing. People around me accepting mediocrity to such an extent that they know they won't be happy or live their dreams they are actively looking for 6 to 8...
  17. Raja

    Question about time blocking

    I am trying to use time blocking for my time management, but one critical thing is something always comes up. so, should we make a new block of time or move it. I use google calendar and change color when it's done. any tips and insights are appricitated
  18. Raja

    questions regarding branding and posting niche on this forum

    Hi fastlaners, I am starting my eCommerce store today. my first question is is it wise to post niche and business details on FLF for discussion(OUTSIDER, only buy insider when I make money from the business) as in the beginning it's easy to copy my plan but gets super difficult to copy in later...
  19. Raja

    Share tips, resources, or books on Time Management

    Hi Fastlaners, I have gotten worst in time management with time. even though I keep todo list for day but they rarely work. It's clear that I waste it. some mindset and time management books, videos, articles world be helpful
  20. Raja

    Can anyone help me with this roadblock

    Hi fastlaners, I was preparing for more than 15 days to make my first youtube video so I can build my personal brand and leverage it later. After I found out that I was not being effective and possibly action faking I gave myself time to finish my on-hand task, and yesterday and today I was...
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