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  1. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Need Any SEO Advice? I'm here to help you

    The whole concept of "using web2.0 properties" is a red flag to me. There are no shortcuts when it comes to playing nice with the search engines.. web2.0 properties are free for people to sign up an do what they want.. If you were Google.. does it make sense to reward that type of behaviour...
  2. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Need Any SEO Advice? I'm here to help you

    Generally, target="_blank" is used when linking to external websites, when users are on your site, the last thing you want them to do is open another browser to just visit pages with your website, it creates a bad UX.
  3. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Need Any SEO Advice? I'm here to help you

    It depends, generally TLD are created to target people within that specific country.. having said that, my personal choice would be to make a .com where you create location specific content for each of the countries your targeting... let me explain. You have a website... (this...
  4. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Sustaining Great Energy Levels?

    Did not read anything besides the OP post.. my suggestion.. get your hands on some modafinil ;)
  5. MVDH

    A-M-A Ask a personal trainer anything

    I have been bulking for nearly 30 years.. still working on my before photos.. Seriously tho.. Would love your take on intermittent fasting (eat for 6 fast for 18) vs. small meals throughout the day
  6. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Consulting business - thoughts?

    Consulting is a lucrative way of generating live long customers for ventures that are attached to your consulting business.. E.g. I consulting in the digital marketing field.. I consult with them.. sometimes for months.. then lead them into my team of people that service the digital marketing...
  7. MVDH

    INTRO Who I am, Where I'm at in life and Why I'm here

    Welcome Brendan, have you considered running paid advertising to lead gen form in area's where there is low competition? I remember I ran a lead gen for my friends wife for dog walking.. at $5 cost per lead, the average revenue per lead was $10 a week, average time they would use the services...
  8. MVDH

    Site: Google.. Strange amount of pages indexed on Google.. Experience anyone?

    Marcel1986 - I have bumped into this issue on a number of occasions. First of all, it's probably important to discard the "Site:" command for now, what you should focus on is what is in Google Webmaster Tools (FYI - also install Bing Webmaster Tools and compare the two). From there you should...
  9. MVDH

    ADWords Help

    You're a bit off the ball.. have a read of some very good info there!
  10. MVDH

    EXECUTION High Value PPC/SEO Services

    Speaking from experience, and working with high end SEO/PPC clients, they don't care about your service.. they don't care about you.. they care about, "I can make you an extra $xxx,xxx per month"... get that across and they will be all ears!.. A sneaky tip, is to find large companies, and find...
  11. MVDH

    MEETUPS Media Buying Mastermind Group

    Submitted, keen to see what's up!
  12. MVDH

    MEETUPS TMF Skype group chat?

    Im keen mike.vanderheijden
  13. MVDH

    MEETUPS Who Wants to Join Our Mastermind?

    What type of discussion goes on? I have experience in Online Marketing I could potentially contribute, have been looking for a good Mastermind Group for a whiile.
  14. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Looking to Start a Mastermind Group

    Regardless, anybody here want to take the initiative and start one? We could use MasterMindo?
  15. MVDH

    I have found an exceptional professional on eLance

    Ever had any luck with a decent VA?
  16. MVDH

    HOT TOPIC Looking to Start a Mastermind Group

    I am keen to join a Mastermind group.. 8 years experience in online marketing for some of Australia's (and the worlds) largest brands.. specialising in SEO/SEM..
  17. MVDH

    *** The Official - Quick Sprout and Moz Guides - Educational Challenge ***

    A few points here.. 1. You still rank keywords with blog networks.. this is a major concern seeing what's been happening lately with Google penalising bad linking practises, I would avoid this like the plague. 2. Reindexing of new meta title and description is a matter of hours. 3. Backlinks...
  18. MVDH

    *** The Official - Quick Sprout and Moz Guides - Educational Challenge ***

    Lots of SEO haters on these forums..
  19. MVDH

    Offered 500$ For Text Link. What Should I Do ?

    PR+Relevance != rankings I'd be worried about your "corporate level SEO" clients if this is what your strategy is for them. Pagerank, in fact, has nothing to do with rankings (fyi - They do discuss Page Authority, which is their own metric created by...
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