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  1. Damian Pros

    EXECUTION 1,000,000 Followers On Instagram: How I'm Growing My Account By 100,000 A Month

    Last time I posted about growing my social media, my thread was met with lot of criticism (and rightfully so, as those who read it can attest). Although well intentioned, my salesy language and verbose attitude was off-putting to many members. I've learned from my mistake and want to make up...
  2. Damian Pros

    SCAM ALERT: False or Legit?

    Stumbled upon this about a decade late, but I have one thing to say that's as evergreen as it gets. How could investing in a good book be a "scam"? Gawd dayum! People don't even blink before they take massive debt for college or get married prematurely and lose half their fortune from a...
  3. Damian Pros

    NOTABLE! 1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    INC magazine called me a "Social Media Rockstar" for a reason. I know social media as good as the palm of my hand. In one of my business ventures, I own Facebook and Instagram pages with a total following in the millions and have access to a network of tens of millions of followers across...
  4. Damian Pros

    HOT TOPIC How Much Money Is Enough For You?

    I wrote this about half a year ago: How I Made $11032 In 2 Months With Less Than 1.30 Hour Of Daily Work Now, half a year wiser, I can see a flaw in my mindset back then which I would like to share with you. It will help you fix it, if you also share the same flaw. I was under the impression...
  5. Damian Pros

    NOTABLE! How I Made $11032 In 2 Months With Less Than 1.30 Hour Of Daily Work

    Hello Fastlaners! This is my first post here (even though I read the forum for a year or so). By the way, I talked with MJ and he gave me permission to post this here. I will try to keep the intro as short as possible while giving you some background info to understand what's going on...
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