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  1. hughjasle

    SEO in 2017, IT'S ALIVE!

    My question is for the SEO hot shots here: What's the best method(s) for doing SEO in 2017? I know I know, SEO is dead. I. Don't. Care. I'm on a quest to build a "built to sell" business and I've found that in my space buyers tend to like good SEO rankings. Sure they might be stupid for...
  2. hughjasle

    NOTABLE! Dominating Online Ecom. Starting A New Store From 0

    Was inspired while sitting here at the airport reading some recent threads and decided to have a go at another "progress" thread. My last one is here, when I first started getting into ecom: HERE I learned a LOT while doing that and keeping a progress thread was a nice way of logging it so I...
  3. hughjasle

    Selling An Ecommerce Biz

    Calling on anyone who has gone through this process of selling their ecommerce business. I am starting this thread based on this one that got my head spinning with ideas wondering if I can cash out quicker and better than I thought on some of these ecom sites I am building out. If anyone here...
  4. hughjasle

    HOT TOPIC I Failed at Importing Even Though It Makes $100k/mo

    I have been realizing something lately. I failed. I decided to try my hand at creating my own product and importing it. It has done well, but my purpose in doing all this was to create a one day sellable asset. AND that is where I failed. I can now relate to all those pitches on Shark Tank...
  5. hughjasle

    EXECUTION From Affiliate Marketing To Importing And Ecommerce

    I'll keep it short and simple. Been doing affiliate marketing for almost 2 years now. Was working with a dysfunctional company for most of the time, but got out of that and on my own now a couple months back. VERY happy with where I am now with affiliate marketing, but I want to build...
  6. hughjasle

    What have you failed at this week?

    Cool article about the founder of Spanx. He father would ask what she has failed at this week over dinner. This helped her become comfortable with trying new things. Because of this she became one of the youngest women billionaires (the youngest?). This forum has helped me to achieve this same...
  7. hughjasle


    I'm curious why I don't see more threads about owning car washes. One of my mentors is a car wash guy. He has a company that will do everything for you if you want to enter that business. They do all the due diligence in locating a good spot, advising on what type of wash will be best in that...
  8. hughjasle

    Group Project!

    I have seen a few posts regarding getting a group together to focus on one project as there is so much desire and talent among the members here, but I have never seen it being auctioned. Has anyone done it? What are you opinions towards it? I have bitten off more that I can chew lately...
  9. hughjasle

    Interesting Product!

    Ran across this the other day and can't get it out of my head. They use this plasti-dip to paint things such as cars and motorcycles. I haven't looked into it too much but I believe these guys just created a brand around the plasti-dip product by putting it...
  10. hughjasle

    A Hugh Jas' Project

    Just launched my business and am debating how to best proceed. Keep at it on my own on a shoestring, bring in a partner, seek funding or a mixture of any. My business is based in the residential real estate market. I came to this rather large niche first as a customer when I discovered the...
  11. hughjasle

    Introducing Hugh Jasle

    I'm going to try and help out however I can in any area that I can. Lots of good people on this forum. Quick self-background on business I have ran or owned: various web businesses, business consulting, a chain of B&M stores on the Las Vegas strip, and many small things while in my school...
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