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  1. DVU

    What cart abandonment rescue service do you use?

    Hi Guys, I recently started a new ecom business and am getting abandoned carts here and there, I would like to send some emails to those people with reminders and discount codes. What service should I use? I use WordPress and woocommerce for my store.
  2. DVU

    It's so easy

    It really is. It is so easy to get lost in the distractions of life. Just that one episode, just one hour of that video game, just one drink, just one. And that one turned into two and that two turned into "Oh that dream? I'll do it tomorrow, I worked hard. I can rest" One day goes by, two...
  3. DVU

    O/T: FUNNY Business plans

  4. DVU

    HOT TOPIC Need help with pricing/negotiating

    Recently I contacted a company that does video home tours because they had a sh*t website, and they got back requesting some background and a quote. The thing with this site is that they have a HUGE "database" of house listings and...
  5. DVU

    EXECUTION 10k in 7 months and 20 days

    As of today 27th of October 2016 my fulltime job (plus school :headbanger:) will be to make ten thousand dollars by 15th of June 2017 Why? Because the idea of spending 30k on college where I will learn nothing that cant be learned for free online just doesn't click with me. I have to show...
  6. DVU

    Looking to partner up (US, Canada) - Cold Calling

    I am looking to partner up with someone from US, Canada or anyone that can make calls to those countries and knows how to sell. What you would be selling(cold calling) is website redesign or making a website. We would split the profits 7/3, and you would get a "professional" email ex...
  7. DVU

    INTRO Its time

    Its time for me to introduce myself around here, as I plan to stay here for a while. In advance I would like to say that English in not my native language so keep that in mind. My name is Domagoj (Its a Croatian name), I am an 18 yo from Virovitica, Croatia. That's here: Its a place...
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