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  1. Diogo Santos

    End of drop-shipping in Europe in 2021?

    Hello guys, I just came across the information that from 2021 on, the existing VAT exemption for goods up to 22 € in Europe will disappear. So now we will have to pay the VAT ( % according to your country ) AND the service and handling fees, which on small items will often be more than the cost...
  2. Diogo Santos

    First time importing from Alibaba? Here's some tips!

    Hello guys, I'm on the process of finding a supplier for my products on Alibaba and I'm gathering some information before I do so I won't have any surprises later on, I've found this video and it sure helped me, so it can probably help you if you're still diving into Alibaba. View...
  3. Diogo Santos

    How to approach a small market?

    Hello! I'm going to tell my story, and then I will tell you the problem I'm facing if you're not interested in reading the story just skip to "STARTS HERE", thank you! So where to start.. A couple of years ago, I was stuck at a 9-5 job I hated and I was really lost in what to do with my life...
  4. Diogo Santos

    Fakes everywhere?

    Hi, So i'm just a beginner on the world of importing, and while i search for my first products to import i always run to the same problem.. i never know if that product is some kind of rip off or not, i use a website owned by Alibaba, a Chinese one that a friend recommended to me and most of...
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