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    Why "supply and demand" is wrong (cheaper won't win the game)

    I believe the supply and demand curve works well. It can not be the only thing you use but is a basic princilpe and is a good starting point. A basic example is when companies come out with new Games such as the Wii or PS3 They come in at a high pricepoint knowing that they will only sell a...
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    OFF-TOPIC College Football ... BCS Sucks!

    I have to agree this is entertaining. I am an Ohio State fan so it is working out for me it looks like. TJ GO Bucs
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    Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers

    Good read and thanks for the Post.
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    O/T: FUNNY Achmed the Dead Terrorist

    That was great.....
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    Al Gore (this is NOT a political post)

    Look at Micheal Jordan. He was told by his highschool coach he would never be anygood at basketball. Guess he is laughing now.
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    OFF-TOPIC happy bday talmadge!

    Thanks All... It has been a good one... I look at it as my 23rd anniversary of my 21st b-day….LOL Talmadge
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    WEB/DIGITAL Sales Advice

    jimculler Trial closes like you are talking about is a must. Things like what color do you want? would delivery tomorrow be ok or do you need a weekend? I need to check and see if that is in stock( you should already know but a good close). you should have at least 5 or 6 of these...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Sales Advice

    You are starting marketing when you are developing the sales position. Sales is a part of marketing. They are different but sales is a part of the marketing stratagy. Talmadge
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    Don't Fear the ZEROs!

    The Number of 0's has always been a problem for people in general. That is one of the reasons most financials are writen in $1000 or Millions. So when people see $50 they know it means a million but they do not feel the anxioty of seeing it. Their mind just has to deal with the $50 not...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Sales Advice

    You need to sit down and think are you doing sales or are you doing marketing? Oh yes they are two diff. things. Talmadge
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    OFF-TOPIC First Annual Fastlane Beer and Pancakes Breakfast Meetup!

    WOW! Sounds like a great line up of speakers. How can people not want to be there? Talmadge
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    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    Samething happen with the pet rock...LOL:banana:
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    Door to Door sales

    I do want to say one thing about "Door to Door" sales. It is the school of hard knocks for sales. You really can learn a lot. I spent 4 years doing it and training people. If you want a true education in sales that is it. I truely believe if you can do "Door to Door" sales that you can sale...
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    In the Air Force and ready to learn

    Welcome... I also would like to thank you for your service. I was in the AF myself. I wish you the best on everything you do.
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    HOT TOPIC Time to Short Crox?

    I think you might do an option on These ugly things. Everyone is saying that the holiday season is not going to do well. I think companies like crok will take a big hit. With the way things are going you just do not know? I like options.
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    Door to Door sales

    You better figure out what your pitch is going to be. How do you differ your product from what they can get at walmart or best buy. Why you? why this tv? is it special? if so how? with the vacumes they have a good pitch and a great product. It can be very much differenchiated from others.
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    Looking for truly passive income

    I like the concept of truely passive income but I am not inclind to just turn that kind of money over to someone to manage for me. I do think appartments are the best rought with a property manager but I will keep an eye on things.
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    Caring for your elder relatives

    Aroundtheworld I am glad you have the means to help your family like you do. My mother had to put her mother in a home and it broke my moms heart. The thing was taking care of my grandmother was truely killing my mother she needed care far more than my mother could provide and afford so...
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    O/T: FUNNY Weight Loss Miracle!

    JesseO Thanks I needed that.... Talmadge
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    Hakrjak joins the fray...

    welcome to the fast lane...I to was over there and things were not what they were just a year ago when I started. I am glad to be over here and glad to see you here too.
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